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Home textile mills experts to teach you how to identify shoddy cotton - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-30
Flocculant can adopt the following simple method to distinguish with fibre products, Miantai, pads, pillow core, etc. ) The advantages and disadvantages of: a, eye view, in general, 'black heart cotton' looks not so smooth, some rough feeling, and high quality cotton white color. Second, handle, normal cotton feel is soft, has certain elasticity, feel is good, and 'black heart cotton' looks have impurities, feel is rough. Three, torn by ripping, how consumers can feel the strength of cotton, in general, the 'black heart cotton' not strong, the tear is broken. Four, if you are using chemical fiber cotton quilt, raw material should be produced (the waste-water Rather than waste rags, industrial waste into the chemical fiber) 。 The normal chemical fiber general colour and lustre is uniform, in a certain length, without too much dust, better elasticity, no peculiar smell, otherwise is false and inferior product. Five, if cotton color mixed, even with yarn and cloth, is likely to be using industrial waste by the secondary processing production of bad products. Six, 'black heart cotton' when processing after bleaching process, fine smell there will be a hint of acidity, high quality cotton when burning without pungent odour, and 'black heart cotton', there is obvious.
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