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by:TONDA     2020-05-03
Their defences to spring, the heat in May, is a wedding season, home textile market heating up. All kinds of home textile products on the market at present to let a person too many things to see, but some of the home textile materials filled with harmful substances; Some home textiles product style is too old. Happy home textile home textiles brand home textile spinning remind you: choose to suit oneself home textile products, but also according to the characteristics of the product and personal interests. The grade of home textile products on the market at present, price difference is big. Cloth flat even better quality goods, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, sewing uniform flat and level. If the product cloth not divide evenly, disorder, sewing rough texture is sparse, decorative pattern, is hard to ensure the quality, the dimensional change rate, color fastness is not GeBiao. products is the most commonly used materials in cotton, hemp and other natural fibers, polyester/cotton fiber and other synthetic fibers. High quality home textile products after many washing and long time of sunlight also won't rub off. Bedding has antibacterial function, the sand issued antifouling function, the curtain can prevent ultraviolet ray, etc. Most consumers when choosing home textile products, the preferred cotton products. Children are the most suitable materials and home textile products, plain coloured cotton. Medical experts warn that, while buying the home textile product, the more natural the cotton products, the better for your health. In addition a lot of cloth to flat need, the use of formaldehyde in processing, if use overly processed product, will cause pollution to the room. When consumer is buying, can smell it, if the product sends out a pungent odor, might have formaldehyde residue. When choosing color, had better choose light color products, so that formaldehyde exceeds bid, color fastness, substandard risk. When buying a home textile products, to look for the packing of the products. Make clear instructions on the use of the normal product: manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, the raw material, the composition and content of the washing methods, standards, quality grade, quality qualification certificate, etc, and specifications, the composition and content of raw material, washing methods durability tags must be used. Neutral shades for summer all the year round can choose cool color attune such as light green, light gray, sapphire blue, white home textile products; Winter can choose purple, ash warm color such as yellow, orange; Neuter and tonal colors such as beige, yellow, green, pink series such as mild and strong affinity, can use all the year round. Another different fabrics, can produce different effect, simple natural cotton and linen cloth, calico romance, rich gorgeous silks and satins, velvet and elegant solemn, fabrics of different visual effect is different also, create different atmosphere.
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