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Home textile mills: in view of the different fabrics - clean way Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-03
Abstract: for the household articles for use, all kinds of bedding is obviously not a one-time items, cleaning and maintenance is necessary. Bedding fabrics are generally made of pure cotton or other natural fibers, such as linen, silk, etc. , different fabrics, bed is tasted cleaning and maintenance measures are different. The spinning le home textiles bedding experts consumers commonly used three fabrics to tell you the correct cleaning and maintenance methods. Keywords: cleaning and maintenance cotton linen fabrics silk spinning joy home textile pure cotton fabrics, pure cotton bedding material nature, use warm, hygroscopicity strong, no static, but easy to wrinkle, is the most commonly used type of bedding fabrics. 【 Cleaning and maintenance. 1. Depth color bedding should wash separately. Especially the dark bed may wash several times, it is easy to take off the floating color. 2. Appropriate use of soap or neutral soap powder ( Dissolved in water) should be advance , around 40 ℃ warm water wash yourself on the back, in the hand washing machine wash. Pull out flat to dry clean, but not for a long time exposure, lest decoloring. 3. Pure cotton bedding alkaline not acid, so unfavorable contact with acid, washing process to prevent the sharp objects damaged fabric, embroidery bedding to be especially careful. 4. When ironing temperature under 110 ℃, the collection stack together, cherished in ventilated place. Flax linen bedding strong hygroscopicity, permeability is good, durable and washable, so that the wash cloth cover the light, defect is difficult to dyeing, so the colour is single. 【 Cleaning and maintenance. Use neutral washing supplies gently warm water to wash, do not scrub, not dry, not exposure, bed is tasted easy deformation, discoloration, shrink otherwise. Ironing temperature under 110 ℃, the ventilation and avoid light place check it. Silk fancy silk bedding, quality of a material is frivolous, permeability is strong, soft and sweet, but stick to its beautiful, extending using life, using the correct maintenance of the method is very important. 【 Cleaning and maintenance. 1. Call for dry cleaning. Such as hand washing can be neutral washing liquid or silk wool washing agent soluble in cold water, the bed is tasted in the, soft hand. After towels absorb moisture, out flat to dry in a cool ventilated place, prevent sun exposure. Works at eighty percent, low temperature ironing mat white cloth, the temperature between 110 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, water of avoid by all means, otherwise it will constitute water damage. 2. Cloakroom to dry clean, otherwise easy to eat by moth, can add put hygroscopic agent. Spinning le home textile bedding experts special remind: white silk bedding with camphor ball not to put, otherwise will be yellow. Three kinds of material bed is tasted three methods rinse, can prolong the service life of bed is tasted, make the bed is tasted for higher cost performance.
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