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by:TONDA     2020-04-30
A lot of consumer are buying bedding or underclothes can choose to buy cotton, cotton fabric was the longest contact in our daily life and often use the types of fabrics but what is cotton fabric? What are his strengths? Below small make up to ask everyone to solve doubts in my heart. The definition of cotton cotton is cotton as raw material, through the loom, composed of weft yarn vertical and horizontal intertwined ups and downs, cotton content at 95% 100% of the clothing or products is cotton, do not think that cotton is cotton, they still have different places. As long as there is the difference between cotton and pure cotton cotton cotton containing more than 75% is called pure cotton, so cotton and cotton in cotton is the same, to say the difference is on some theory is not the same, pure cotton fabrics are 100% cotton, cotton is refers to the whole clothes all fabrics are 100% cotton, and processed, easy to knit cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics is different because the processing, however, it is not easy to wrinkle. The classification of the cotton color white cloth: ordinary cloth, cloth, cloth, canvas, twill cloth, grey cloth. Cloth: is there a blue cloth sulfide, the sulfide ink, shilin grey cloth, color cloth, shilin blue cloth poplin, ji, China each color card? Cloth: various color and pattern on the printing and dyeing cloth. Such as: plain weave fabric, twill, printing serge, printed satin drill. Yarn-dyed fabric: it is to put the yarn or thread after dyeing first, after the article on the machine woven cloth, such as cloth, sheeting, flannelette, line, decorative cotton fabrics such as the identification of one: reading labels, cotton cloth wash standard labeled: 100% cotton. 2: look, feel soft cloth luster, feel soft, elastic is poorer, easy to fold. With his hand pinched her cloth after loosening, visible crease obviously, and the crease is not easy to recover. Three: burn, rapid combustion, flame orange, blue smoke. Leave the flame, burning. Burn up the smell of ash, less linear. Ash is fine, the pale gray, hand touch into powder.
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