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by:TONDA     2020-05-03
Today invited home textiles adviser to introduce the silk by duvets, cotton, wool, seven holes were, nine holes by comparing with the relevant knowledge points. Silk by VS down: duvet is famous for its warm, but silk by the thermal performance of can and duvets, silk was not like a feather, quilts and other feel cold when sleep. Silk by and breathable characteristics, has the characteristics of 'warm in winter and cool in summer', also won't because of the hot rolled over and kicked, make the person catch a cold. On hot days and can get rid of excess heat, keep the temperature within the clothing comfort. The other is the pure natural silk, growing tracks in growth is in contact with any pesticides will die right away, so he pours out of silk is made of silk by is absolutely green products, can also become a duvet is made of chickens, ducks and geese and other birds of a feather, avoid chemical processing to eliminate the odor of poultry have relatively strong,, of course, also want to use chemicals for depth of disinfection, because birds often carry many disease-causing viruses. Through the eiderdown outerwear should have a experience, permanent feather will run out of eiderdown outerwear, and duvet should belong to the durable goods, is to be used often, permanent, the feather duvets leak out, will not only lose the quilt is beautiful, clean and neat, more important is a small small feather floating in the air will damage the body's respiratory system, affect the quality of people's sleep silk by VS cotton: first of all cotton thermal performance is cannot be compared and silk. The same volume of quilt, silk quilt is only about half of the cotton was, so compared with silk by cotton would seem to be very heavy, sleep will make people feel very burden, moreover the cotton is also as well as silk is soft, so on the comfortable performance, cotton is also cannot be compared with duvet. Another cotton were can release a lot of dust, respiratory tract may do harm to the human body, affect sleep. Vs cotton was silk, performance, the advantage is obvious. Silk by VS cashmere and wool was be cashmere and wool, has good warmth retention property and close-fitting sex, a problem or green, silk is growing tracks to vomit, wool, long on the sheep skin, it is inevitably to, there will be a lot of parasites in the wool, due to the high temperature treatment can destroy the wool protein structure, so they have to need for chemical processing. With his short fiber characteristics, in the long run, may have harm to the body, especially children and the elderly resistance is low. Silk by VS seven holes were, nine holes is that the quilt is chemical fiber. Take a nine holes cotton fiber 15000 times larger in the electron microscope, which is amplified to pipe so thick, we observed its transverse section, you will find, in nine holes cotton fiber has nine holes, nine holes cotton is cotton textile science and technology the highest level. The role of the small hole is breathable, when enlarged silk to 15000 times, found in the silk fibers have countless holes. Man-made fibers are the most can create nine air holes, and the cut surface of the silk, there are countless holes, scientists are only dust, and this is what god made everything, after ten million years evolved amazing results. Heat from body, through the numerous holes, row to the body, the redundant gas expelled, people feel very breathable, left within the pores of the gas have played an important role in keeping warm, this is the quilt silk by than other more breathable to keep warm. So, porosity, the more warm, breathable the better the results. Most why babies cry, not because of mom and dad give the baby cover the quilt is not thick, but because the quilt itself is airtight, heat to a certain amount of time, not a two-way adjustment, the baby was very hot, want to kick a quilt, but playing too play time, baby won't speak only cry. And you must have experience of sleep the whole body sweat, mostly because of the quilt is too thick. Nine holes are, seven holes were belong to chemical fiber. Qiu dong the day the weather is very dry, strip when you go to sleep at night, especially when waxing lines of pants, you will find a flash, that is static, in chemical fiber, chemical fiber friction generating electrostatic, quilt, you kick a quilt, roll the quilt, will produce a lot of static electricity, just you don't feel, quilt generated by the electrostatic adsorption, it is necessary to put your dander and dust accumulate over a long period, you and your lover in this quilt spent one night, just like to sleep in a large vacuum cleaner. But is not silk, mulberry silk protein fiber, won't produce static friction, so the dirt, dead skin is absolutely wouldn't adsorption in, as long as gently shaking, all fell on the ground, so, the silk quilt is the most clean quilts.
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