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Home textile mills tip: 60% of indoor pollution from quilt, 99% of people don't know! - - - - - - Tonda home textiles

by:TONDA     2020-04-29
A third of the time in life, besides pajamas, the quilt is most closely contact with our bodies. Those hidden in the bed of bacteria often become our health concerns. Dermatologist clinical findings: 8% of skin allergy associated with quilt pollution; An expert found that 20% of nocturnal symptoms of allergic asthma is also related to the pollution of bedding. Data research discovery: a new quilts are used in only a month later, the amount of mites and bacteria has reached millions of, use three months to check again, mites and bacteria levels will rise 30% again! After six months, up 50%! Therefore, experts advise: a use quilts should definitely give up for more than five years. The trick a: noon time for disinfection of bedding! Tastes the quilt more healthy. But unfortunately, only 44% of people have the habit of drying sheets. At 12 noon to 2 PM the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can effectively kill mites, microorganism and all kinds of eggs, after sun gently can keep more clean sheets. Fibre is, quilts can be basked in sunny noon about 30 minutes. Duvets, wool was shoulds not be long time exposure in the sun, because high temperature can make some of the feather and wool material produce uncomfortable odor. Tip 2: don't worry bed after get up in the morning! Study found that even tidy home, each of bedding in possession of at least 15 million mite. And deal with the bug mite the simplest method is to wake up after don't fold the quilt, bedding so the moisture inside the drying quickly, while the external moisture and unable to enter, can reduce the mites survive, reduce the incidence of allergies and asthma. Good quilt, light not heavy, big not small! Not more than 3 kg on the quilt, gentle, convenient fast turn over, do not affect breathing. Quilt appropriate shoulds not be small, because the larger the quilt is not easy to air leakage, warmer. Suits own, is a good quilt! Silk by: soft, breathable, and do well can be a long service life. Bad enough to keep warm, clean, easy to produce static electricity. Suitable for people who live in the south, also is the allergy crowd of choice. Duvet: durable, clean and simple. Light weight about one-third of the quilt, warm. Permeability and close-fitting sex is a bit poor. Appropriate areas. Cotton is: economical and practical, cheap, good warmth retention property and air permeability. Because cotton easy adsorption scurfy, cleaning relatively trouble. According to the high or low temperatures to select different thickness of the quilt.
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