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Home textile mills: to identify four big magic weapon - of bedding Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-03
Today we invite spinning joy home textiles consultant bedding when the choose and buy for you about how to recognize the merits of the products, we can from the following several aspects. 1. Check logo, the packaging. Product instructions can use tags, labels, packing specification, instruction for use, such as form, can be used one or more at the same time, its contents must indicate: manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, the raw material, the composition and content of the washing methods, standards, quality grade, quality qualification certificate, such as content, different forms of content should be consistent, and the composition and content of raw material specifications, adopted must have. 2. Looking for famous brand, manufacturer. Well-known manufacturers of products in terms of the quality of products has a good guarantee. 3. Check the appearance, the work. Currently on the market of the bedding, the grade is different, the price difference is big, too big gap between the workmanship and quality. Cloth flat even better quality goods, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, sewing uniform flat and level. Such as product cloth not divide evenly, disorder, sewing rough texture is sparse, decorative pattern, the quality is difficult to guarantee, the dimensional change rate, color fastness may also to exceed bid. 4. Smell smell, choose design and color. If the product sends out a stimulating smell, it is possible to have formaldehyde residue, had better not be bought. When choosing color, with light color attune of choose and buy advisable, formaldehyde exceeds bid, dyeing fastness of risk will be smaller. In addition, the choose and buy the shrink proof, crease resistant, soft, pretty, etc. Also be careful when finishing products, has a 'taste' is prudent to buy.
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