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by:TONDA     2020-04-28
1, the good bed is tasted, whether or not the design and color is good-looking, 'work' is the first requirement that bed is tasted. Delicate, smooth, no needle is one of the quality assurance, etc. Choosing bedding, should also pay attention to the design of the completeness and consistency. If have the seam on both sides of the small pattern is symmetrical, face and lining pattern without reversing, have stripes and checks to the article, the lattice. Points, from the design process, in general, bed is tasted can be roughly divided into printing, embroidery and jacquard three categories. Printing refers to the cloth, logo printing, printing products of color is bright-coloured and lively, there are many different kinds of patterns. Generally can be divided into reactive dyeing and pigment dyeing and printing. Among them, the reactive dyeing is in the process of dyeing and printing, dye the activity of genes and fiber molecular form combination, make dyes and fiber to form a whole. Make the fabric dustproof excellent performance, high cleanliness, high color fastness. Of course costs are also much higher than pigment printing and dyeing. Dyeing and printing quality are an important factor of the quality of the fabric, with good quality products, its pattern and dyeing lifelike, lifelike, neither version printing, color difference, also does not have dirt, decoloring phenomenon, and version and inferior product have clear off color, printing, bleaching occurs at any time. When choose printing products, therefore, to ask the shopkeeper fastness, many consumers only care about the color pattern is good, seldom asked color fastness. Pay attention to oh! Refers to the cloth embroidered, patterns are machine embroidery, embroidered products has the permeability, hygroscopicity good, etc. The designs in the jacquard fabric is to point to in weaving, use different color yarn weaving, embroidery fabric, compared capital cost is higher, process more complex, and the bed is tasted the softer, fine gloss, feel better, better quality and permeability is better, and more elegant. So prices are generally in 700 yuan of above. Generally can be reference to measure the level of the factory by jacquard products. More than 2, these are sure good, is the pattern. Bedding fabric generally one hundred percent of cotton component, common coloring in terms of pattern design and color is gorgeous. These patterns including geometric figure, flowers, birds, lines, the combination of broken flower and fishbone, create a gorgeous, new rural, clear, romantic, casual, elegant, classical and so on different style, some bedspread edge with all kinds of lace, such as lotus leaf edge, increase the romantic emotional appeal. According to his be fond of choosing pattern for granted, but bedding, unlike choosing dress, dress just in conformity with the personal temperament, and bedding is used in the bedroom environment, should with the overall and harmonious environment. So must consider the coordination and room environment and the particularity of room function. More and more new, bed is tasted when the choose and buy according to whole bedroom decorate a style to choose and buy. Know that home textile products is the soft adornment of the bedroom, with the improvement of living standards, decorative and functional, individuation, diversification, and other functions more and more is also high. Consumers pay more attention to product style and service, pay attention to product design, color and the style of the bedroom, in addition to these, according to individual be fond of, some people more pay attention to brand, some people pay attention to product price. You should pay attention to in the home decorate a style and the design of furniture. Don't be wrong. Bedding style had better to make room furniture color, style photograph humorous. And because they are married, and had better choose some warm happy color. Ago, sons and daughters wedding bedding are parents for their children to purchase more, red is the mass-tone attune of the couple's new house, the more red quilt on the bed, is the festival, sometimes even more than ten. Now children their own procurement, big red used too grand, in peacetime life reflected in order to give attention to both practical and festival style, new people will choose a big red wedding day, the other to choose according to his be fond of, such as pink, purple, color red bean paste, etc. There are also some people will use rich gold instead of bright red.
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