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Home textile mills to teach you how to choose a suitable curtain - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-28
1. There are differences between the environmental protection standard: a lot of domestic household cloth art is made of synthetic fiber fabric, raw materials such as coal, oil, natural gas, these poor hygroscopicity, airtight material, also will release some of the harmful gas such as formaldehyde. Imported fabrics are mostly USES the natural fiber, it is a kind of from artificial cultivated plants, artificial breeding of textile fiber obtained directly on animals. Therefore, when buying a curtain cloth should pay attention to whether there is peculiar smell. If the product sends out a pungent odor, there may be residual formaldehyde, it is best not to buy. 2. There are differences between the fabric performance: pure cotton fabric has a certain shrinkage, at present the country not about shrinkage, European and American countries execute standard in 3% to 5%. Some are pure cotton fabric bag sofa in China it is difficult to clean, once appear, shrink, it's hard to set back to the sofa, and the quality of a material is very thin, easy to wear. 3. Material are different: the fabric of the curtain is divided into cotton, hemp, silk, wool, polyester and blended a few broad categories. Common domestic some products, although look from the appearance and the import difference is very small, but feel is thinner, drapability and flexible indicators are difference is very big, feel is also not as good as imported soft, plump. 4. There are differences in colour and lustre is bright: domestic most of the fabric color is not bright, high purity is not enough, more ash, so that the fabric color look chaotic, there is a not too clean. In the innovation of design and color design and not rich enough and fashion. 5. There are differences in dyeing and printing process: printing products in the domestic white degree is insufficient, fine lines, poor continuity, lack of vitality, the printing accuracy with import material difference; With imported equipment and import dyestuff production of fabrics, the degree of bright-coloured colour, gloss and color weight accuracy is higher.
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