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by:TONDA     2020-04-28
In an increasingly competitive society, now the outside environment, give a person a kind of depressive mood, have a reasonable and comfortable rest environment is necessary, bedding, not only in domestic bedroom atmosphere build and environmental transformation plays an important role, but also is closely related to your health. So the choice of bedding will surely become a important thing. Average household commonly used bedding mainly has the following kinds: suite categories: 11, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four sets, bed cover, bedspread, bed sheets, bed sheet, bedding bag, quilt cover, by core by core, cleaning pad, pillowcase, pillowcase, summer winter pillowcase ( Envelope pillowcases) Long, pillowcases, pillow, etc; Bulk, class: six, four, three-piece, include: bedding bag, summer cover, bedspread, bed sheet, pillow, pillowcase (summer Envelope pillowcases) ; Pillow categories: contains: ( 1) Pure purpose of pillow sleep. This kind of pillow type main demand point lies in its flexibility and comfort, ( 2) With health care function of pillow: the pillow type mainly by its shape and fillers to bring various health care functions, appeal point lies in its health; Class: contains: ( 1) Polyester filler was class: this class main points is its volume, softness and warmth retention property, ( 2) Natural filler was class: fleece, duvets, such as silk, this is kind of main points is that environmental protection, health concept; Peripheral products, include: all kinds of pillow/cushion/waist support pad/cushion/sofa bed, etc. Consumers first of all should be paid attention to when the choose and buy bedding brand, raw materials, Such as fiber composition) , environmental factors ( Such as dye) , rather than prices, designs and styles. Manufacturers in indicate the raw materials, dyes usually indicate the correct way of using method and washing. Home textiles is the most commonly used materials in cotton, hemp and other natural fibers, polyester/cotton fiber and other synthetic fibers, bedding fabric knowledge is an important index to measure quality of bed is tasted. Cloth flat even better quality goods, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, sewing uniform flat and level. Such as home textile product cloth not divide evenly, disorder, sewing rough texture is sparse, decorative pattern, the quality is difficult to guarantee, the dimensional change rate, color fastness may also to exceed bid. Choose the high quality suits own bed is tasted, of course, to meet the requirements of comfort and environmental protection. Happy home textile, spinning to give you some Suggestions: first, pay attention to the products used by the material, especially with the body skin contact sheet, quilt cover, pillowcases, etc. , had better choose pure cotton and silk fabrics. Because natural cotton fiber has good close skin, wet absorption gas is strong, safe, comfortable, without excitant odor; Next, want to ask of the sand bed is tasted and density, and compare the quality and handle comfort of bed is tasted, etc. ; Again, to make sure product is environmental protection. Bed is tasted the yarn count, density and durability work decided the quality of the bed is tasted, the bed is tasted the environmental production determines its use of security. Bedding without color, also can not do without dyes, some enterprises not enough emphasis on environmental protection, or can't do in the process of the production process strictly controlled, although the product seems style novel, the gorgeous look good, but has a great harm to human body health. People in contact with the bed is tasted, closest to the time very much, so be sure to pay attention to the environmental protection of product. Finally, ISO14001 environment system certification is a strict environmental protection standards promulgated by the European and American countries, can the environmental protection of bed is tasted can be assured. Recommend consumers through the ISO14001 certification of choose and buy of the bed is tasted, in order to ensure the environmental security of the bed is tasted.
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