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by:TONDA     2020-04-27
Abstract: a quilt harmonics for the rest of your life. Daughter to get married once upon a time, his mother would use red line to sew a few soft and comfortable bed quilt, express wishes for their children for a lifetime of happiness. But today's young people, but I do not want to elderly mother done for marriage too. So with the help of online tools such as go to BBS hair 'buy what kind of quilt warm friendly, married or not? 'Ask for help, more like a letter of warmth, attracted many enthusiastic netizens are advise. Spinning music under the bed is tasted experts for you in detail how to choose and buy satisfactory wedding bed is tasted. Keywords: wedding bedding spinning according to spinning enjoyed understanding of choose and buy, as a new bedroom soft outfit ACTS the role of the thick ink pen, Chen now young married are more emphasis on quilt cover, pillowcases, bed sheets, pillows and other kinds of bedding suite of choose and buy color, styles, fabrics, to be in the 'set' tire product knowledge is less. For young people a lot of convenience, choose wedding bedding to consider three elements: according to the actual situation, consider choosing a full set of wedding suit; According to the economic situation consider to choose the class of the wedding bedding; And consideration of coordination with family decorate a style to choose of oneself be fond of the style and color. The spinning music from four aspects to introduce the choose and buy wedding bedding should pay attention to the details of the problem. Buy the principle of practical and green and healthy. Practical point of view, small to buy 4 piece of bed is tasted suite more convenient washing. By core had better choose natural materials, such as silk is prevalent in recent years, the four seasons are available. Others, such as wool, duvets are good for our healthy sleep. Cotton is the most commonly used and the most suitable material choice. Now the bed is tasted mostly use 40 of combed cotton yarn fabrics. The comparison of plain and twill smooth soft, suitable for spring and summer. And hair and satin fabric warmth retention property good, using best in autumn and winter. Brand and quality of life, about a third of the time is spent on the bed, then the bedding quality directly affect people's physical health and mental state. So be sure to choose the brand manufacturers, quality qualified products, at the same time, the comfort level are to be considered. Sizes and colors according to size of the marital bed has bought and habits and customs to decide, some couples habit a man a single being, more than double by. In addition, set up the need to prepare two sets of more room. Newly married, people will be used to buy a large red bedding, festive red. At ordinary times, you can choose the kind floral or light color fastens, at home there is a sweet feeling. That is - shijiazhuang textile plant Spinning content of the home textile bring you need welcome to inquire!
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