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by:TONDA     2020-04-28
Sleep also has a set of knowledge, a third of the time life is spent in sleep, for a female friend who is 'beautiful' can realize its weight. Such a large proportion of time that cannot be overlooked either. Sleep is like water, is indispensable to human body 'nutrition'. Bed, bed is tasted a restricted factors of sleep quality. Brand home textile spinning home textile to teach you how to choose bed is tasted suite. ( 1) The smallest size sheets look goods description sheet, if sheet 230 * 250, it adopted the fabric width. 90% is the width (230 Compared with 250 width will be cheaper) , of which 250 width is also useful to 230 + 250 sheets, manufacturers to save costs. In addition to ask is blanking feet inch size offered by the seller, or the finished product size. ( 2) Look at the size of the pillowcase gb pillowcase to 48 * 74 ( Inner diameter) 。 Some commodity description said pillowcase to 50 * 80, vague, actually 50 * 80 is outer diameter size, diameter is only 40 * 70, although that will save costs but high-grade some pillow core is not in. ( 3) The quilt cover most of the the bedding bag size is 200 * 230, buyers before buying must consult the seller, ask about 200 * 230 is finished product size, or to shrink after the size of the ( Because of pure cotton fabric has more or less shrinkage rate of water) 。 In addition, have to ask the seller in the bedding bag bundling core fixed rope, if there is no fixed rope, must oneself start work after you buy bedding bag in the corners of bedding bag sewn fixed rope, in use process to avoid the core running and huddled together. 4) See door width 250 cm width fabric 99% belongs to high-grade fabrics, part of the 230 cm width of the door is also belongs to high-grade fabric ( Active combing class) , but after 230 cm width of high-grade fabrics will no longer production! If the suite sheet size is 230 * 250 cm, This is to save some cost) Sellers, you want to consult if increased to 250 * 250 cm is the sole picture, if no juncture, if the answer is you can rest assured to buy! ( 5) Bedspread general bedspread than sheets of beautiful reason mainly displays on the skirt curtain, long skirt curtain beauty is mainly a discount how much density, average bedspread discount how much material is to be calculated in this way: if a 1. 5 m * 2. 0 m bedspread, its total length skirt curtain should be ( 1. 5 + 2. 0 + 2. 0) * 2 = 11 meters. And a few small manufacturers of bedspread only 7 meters, the total length of skirt curtain, imagine the bedspread, how beautiful.
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