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by:TONDA     2020-05-04
Today, the home textile products on the market more and more abundant, in addition to the commonly used bedding, curtain, cloth art furniture, cloth art adornment, table cloth, cushion, etc. , in ease of use of these products at the same time, beautification bedroom. However, when the choose and buy all kinds of home textile products, consumer also has many doubts. Aimed at consumers in the choose and buy green home textiles products encountered many questions, have the following tips. First, consumer is in when choosing green home textile products to see whether the label with the authority of the relevant certification marks, the China quality certification center ( CQC) Ecological textile attestation and attestation of Chinese environment mark, and understand that the certification is valid. Second, for printing products from the see, touch, smell three aspects to identify its quality: look, watch the printing color bright degree. If printing color dirty dark, FaJiu, grey cloth, dye quality there is a problem, or inferior products. In addition, it remains to be seen whether printing design and color is wrong version, running deviation phenomenon. With 'gold' and other special products of printing process, consumers can use tissue to wipe a 'golden' repeatedly printing, such as printing blurred, explain the process does not pass. Touch, his hands touch the textiles. When the choose and buy, consumer is best can use the hand to feel the textile is soft, whether its surface is pilling phenomenon. In general, pure cotton products not the ball, even with a small amount of the ball, also can remove after washing. And contain chemical composition of the product is easy to pilling and not easy to be removed. The difference between the two, is an industrial chemical composition processing, and cotton are natural raw materials. Anyway, natural ingredients of the product is beneficial to the body and the environment. Smell, that is, whether close to smell textiles stimulating odour. All use high quality dye printing textiles are without excitant odour, it is the consumer to distinguish textile materials and the most direct, simple way. Finally, check whether the label of the textile complete. From the regular enterprise textiles label should be marked with the following information: product instructions, washing instructions, manufacturer name, address, telephone number, product name, model, specification, model number, product material composition, standard code, quality level, product quality inspection qualified certificate and safety technology category, etc. Insiders told small make up, because the raw materials used in the home textiles product of green environmental protection level is higher, its process is relatively complex, so the price than other expensive home textile products. As the saying goes, 'a penny a points goods', the use of green textile products not only are they healthy, also is beneficial to environmental protection, is a good value. And although not other environmentally friendly products cheap, but if therefore cause disease or damage to the environment thed loss outweights the gain.
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