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by:TONDA     2020-04-28
Now from the solar terms, although has entered the early summer, China as well, 'summer cold chill,' winter has given way to summer, the weather gets warmer, all things recovery. At a time when a variety of pathogenic microorganisms grow and work easily. Combined with the early summer weather is changeable, changes in temperature, when the body resistance to abate or poor adaptability to the outside environment owe, is prone to flu ( Referred to as the flu) 。 Especially in recent years, with the development of economy, people's liquidity increase, increase in the number of people always tend to cause the flu outbreak. So in the summer how to have a good enough sleep is very important, because only good sleep can have stronger resistance, can resist the erosion of disease; And a bed quilt is appropriate sleep quality indispensable prerequisites. Due to the hot and cold in summer, the choice of the quilt became a difficult problem. Too thick, easy to catch a cold, thin body sweating, oppressed. Sleep environment experts spinning le meticulously for you summer and the quilt series, you are not in trouble for it. Eight times, so that you keep in a dry and comfortable sleep environment; Choose the natural material such as silk, tencel, with the function of environmental protection, such as water washing tencel summer and fall by 100% of choose high quality refined from zhejiang tongxiang silk, tongxiang silk luster good, filament can reach more than 1500 meters, animal protein and 18 kinds of amino acid content is the best, can promote sleep, enhance the vitality of the human body, slow down aging. Effectively protect the skin; Moderate thickness of the quilt, the most suitable for summer autumn, let you use more health worry, meticulous, create and enjoy the high quality of your sleep. Spinning music original 'TC WATER washing technology, has given all the summer and fall are like ordinary clothes, washing function, effectively remove different kinds of bacteria and dirt and stains, use convenient, breathable and comfortable, health. And after washing quilt good varieties of a bit is not affected. A sleep environment experts determined to forge ahead, a relentless pursuit of the quilt experts, let you have a safe and healthy summer.
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