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by:TONDA     2020-04-29
Not so easy as what you want to home textile products, the knowledge is also very deep. The industry experts said that the general consumers only pay attention to pattern design and color, they thought, bed is tasted, choose cotton print curtain is decorated in the home, do the most simple step, this idea is too hasty, writes every day life the most close to home textile products, actually contains many ordinary consumers don't know. When buying a home textile products, only ask price, don't see the label, so it is wrong to buy home textile. In fact, textile marks including the durability and the durability of logo. Written content is complete, the logo label content is in accordance with the order information such as printing and label the handwriting is clear, can reveal a home textile product specification and quality. To look at, it is possible to avoid 'poison home textile'. Close to smell home textile product whether there is excitant odour, especially folding packaging. If you have, the product may be the quality problem such as formaldehyde exceeds bid, have peculiar smell; If the tactility of present products is poorer, coarse wool, had better not be bought; In the commodity purchase after a period of time, try to keep all the documents about the goods, including: buy instrument, home textile, tags, etc. , can be used to guide product maintenance, can also be reserved for the credentials.
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