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by:TONDA     2020-05-02
Bridal chamber decorates, so how to choose a suitable for their own boutique home textile products, has been plagued by many people. Through introducing the 4 points below, you can be used as a reference when the choose and buy home textile products. Bedding fabrics are usually in direct contact with the skin, so we choose home textiles fabrics must choose the quality of a material soft fabrics such as cotton or silk. Cotton or silk fabrics have good close skin, so skin contact we will feel very comfortable, silk and cotton fabric also can be a very good wet absorption, gas can help us very good sleep. Pattern choice of home textile products, be sure to refer to their own indoor decorate a style, both build, can show a good living environment. Good color pattern can also help you fall asleep, maybe some will make you feel be agitated, so the color also want to choose according to his be fond of, both coordination and interior decoration. Cloth bedding fabric is usually 200 needles, poor quality of the products tend to only 100 needles, 100 and 200 needle through the naked eye can see both the density difference, the same size, 2 times the weight of 100 200 needle. The higher the cloth pin number and the cloth washes the more durable. After singeing mercerizing finishing process of home textiles products not easy cottony ball, is not easy to fade, if save the process, the fabric feels will feel rough, and after washing a few times also can appear the phenomenon of the ball. Pillow pillow for our health is also a very important factor, 'rest easy' this idiom can why everywhere. This, of course, the 'rest' and according to the standards of personal and habits to define. Just buy a pillow to master a principle: when people lie on your back, cervical vertebra bend, about 3 cm in the most appropriate. Buckwheat shell pillow price low, more hard, easy to produce bacteria. Feather pillow is good, but can't be with people who are allergic to duck down. Latex pillows good permeability, good elasticity, and won't produce bacteria, but easy ageing. Man-made fiber pillow price is cheap, but the elastic is not good enough, and you can't wash. Now businesses launched a fiber pillow, not only has good elasticity, and able to wash. Through the above 4 points, you are now on how to select bedding should have a preliminary understanding, attention to the combination of you can choose the home textiles product three points to comprehensive reference, hope you can buy in choosing products you contentment of home textile products.
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