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by:TONDA     2020-05-04
One, from the Angle of environment design, home textiles products are used in the bedroom environment, is the major point to the overall and harmonious environment, must consider the coordination and room environment and the particularity of room function, attention should be paid to household environment local adornment and the unity of the whole style. Second, from the perspective of health research has shown that a third of the human life is in a state of sleep, the body during sleep can get sufficient rest, largely solved the human body health. Third, from the point of purchase purpose if a gift should be depending on the object of the gifts, send to newly married a bit happy, moved to friends, want to consider to his new environment. Four, from the perspective of the quality of the product 1, fabrics of choose and buy home textiles products, the first thing to check the quality of the fabric. And fabric quality is the first yarn thickness and density. Because the higher the density of the required quality of cotton, the better, feel more soft, more luster. 2, filler filler is health care and warmth retention property and air permeability of home textiles products, durability is important one annulus. With four holes and seven fiber, pure white, warmth retention property good, permeability is strong, high compression resilience, soft, after teased, flat products, and cotton spreading is even, the thickness of a speech, the four corners. Wool, feather and cotton, without impurities, no peculiar smell; And shoddy products adopt mixed with crushed miscellaneous inferior chemical fiber, or use the general acrylic cotton, the feel of this product is not smooth, not soft, volume difference and poor permeability. 3, processing equipment: in terms of process, equipment is advanced, make product process more fastidious. Stitch: normal manufacturer style exquisite craft, level off, without the eye of a needle, a longer cable stitch and shoddy products, needle is obvious, the line mark light phenomenon such as uneven. Pattern: the integrity of the design should be paid attention to when choosing bedding, consistency; If there are any flat-fell seam of left and right sides is symmetrical, printed pattern face, lining pattern no upside down, with stripes and checks to the article, the lattice. Quilting: design expression; Trajectory to be smooth, no fabric drape. Pillow 'to' pay attention to the high and low hardness and softness
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