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by:TONDA     2020-05-01
Pakistan textile exporters association ( PTEA) Weak growth on exports, falling, no less serious concerns. High production cost, competitive, and government policy do not match the energy prices are not competitive crisis led to a similar situation. Pakistan textile exporters association chairman Mian Ajmal Farooq, recently said in a statement, the economic mainstream textile industry faces unprecedented crisis for many years. Considerable injures textile production capacity, export quantity and value of textiles fell on the whole value chain; While the area of peer export doubled. Detailed data show that 2010 - 11, the state textile exports to $13. 8 billion, and 2016 - The 17th annual reduced compared to 10. 4% to $12. 4 billion. On the other hand, India - 2016 17 year's textile export - than in 2010 11 $27. 1 billion rose by 31% to $36. 4 billion. Similarly, in Bangladesh, textile exports - in 2016 The 17th annual jumped to $31 billion, compared with 2010 - 11 $19 billion increased by 63%. In Sri Lanka, 2010 - 11 textile exports to $4. 1 billion, 2016 - 17 year rose to $4. 9 billion, compared with an increase of 20%. Unfortunately, even if the export slump intensified trade deficit, the Pakistani government did not feel the export revenue decline the undeniable. Mian Ajmal Farooq said weakened competitiveness of textile industry is a major cause of decline in exports, especially compared to the competition state of the driving force for its export sector.
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