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by:TONDA     2020-04-16
Parents in choosing the baby supplies are especially entanglements, what good, especially the bath towel this stuff is to direct contact with the baby, so more carefully selected, otherwise may cause certain harm to baby's delicate skin. Baby must have belongs to own one or several bath towel, bath towel products belong to private life, the baby cannot use mom and dad bath towel, in addition to the cause of the material, and there's a health, adults tend to have a lot of bacteria on the bath towel, children physique weak, vulnerable to bacteria. So, what should choose what kind of bath towel, bath towel of the material does not harm the baby? Spinning le home textiles small make up personally think three kinds of material of bath towel is good for the baby. A baby bath towel, bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber towel and other material of bath towel, which is the most particular strengths is its antimicrobial properties. Because it is called a 'bin' bamboo materials with antibacterial ability, it is the biggest effect can remove baby because of active sweat smell and odor. And another material of bamboo elements - — Antioxidants. , the special material can make bath towel has certain health care performance. Second, the sponge baby bath towel. As the name implies, gauze baby bath towel is made of gauze, gauze itself has very strong permeability, but also has certain water imbibition, texture soft, though the two are not pure cotton of good, but still too conforms to the baby and delicate and tender skin. And now you more and more severe, there were all sorts of design on the market. Now is the most popular one is woven with cotton gauze, and the other side is designed into the shape of a honeycomb, all the functional gauze showed up. Three baby bath towel, cotton. Pure cotton bath towel is most moms choice, one important reason is one of the biggest characteristic is its water imbibition of pure cotton towel, hygroscopicity strong enough, can quickly absorb the water on the baby's skin, prevent colds, also can timely heat preservation, it is incomparable by other materials. But these advantages is the premise of 'cotton'. Now in the market also has a lot of manufacturer is opportunistic, pure cotton but actually contains many impurities, such a 'pure cotton towel is difficult to play advantage, may also cause harm to the baby skin. Four, no matter what choice material of bath towel, must choose light color. Light-colored towel to prevent possible fades, the baby tender skin, fade color variety of bath towel is easy to damage the baby's skin, lead to all sorts of skin diseases. So the light color of baby bath towel is the best choice. Mothers no matter what to buy for baby hope is the most suitable for baby, especially in this kind of item now diversified s, deep understanding, make careful choice is often the most important. Good bath towel should be like this: water imbibition is strong, thick and light thick towels wrapped up the body to is also very warm. But if too much will make people worry when cleaning. Is not easy to rub, is not easy to dry. So choose a big bath towel of thick and light. Plain and elegant plain towels generally don't use the dye in the processing. If there is a printing and dyeing process, also should choose those who use the environmental protection, without any additives, taimei bath towel. Can also be used on plain towels shearing, untwisted, jacquard weave beautiful decorative pattern, and elegant. Solid and fine good bath towel strong but should not be rough. See if bath towel bag edge work, and the trademark did junction hidden processing, will be able to tell you the towel after enough 'fine'. Soft and dense when the choose and buy to see the material on the label. Good raw materials commonly used in the bath towel for master of combed cotton and long-staple cotton. Cost is high, but so tightly woven towels, feel tender. Because the bath towel often requires high temperature disinfection, washing, so should choose those with thermal plant fiber as raw material of bath towel.
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