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by:TONDA     2020-04-16
Is there a link between the health of these with us? Spinning home textiles visits the bedroom with you together, dialysis, for you to consult some public health experts, analyze the health concerns behind these phenomena. Interrogation bedroom dialysis hazard phenomenon: a toilet in the bedroom hazard index: u u u most advocate defend without Windows, there is only one air vents, and moisture of toilet into the bedroom, bedding absorbed moisture, bedclothes uncomfortable. Excessive moisture: the influence of the damp environment for a long time can let a person feel particularly uncomfortable, headache, fever, joint pain, etc. Air is too wet, be helpful for some to breed and spread of the bacteria and germs, humid conditions are most likely to produce the mold, and mold from entering the lungs, easy to cause pneumonia or pulmonary fungal disease; Humid environment will make eczema, dermatitis and some fungi diseases such as ringworm, tinea manus rates increase. Solution: try to buy toilet house with a window, pay attention to moistureproof phenomenon. 2: TV, computer into the chamber hazard index: u u u u the work such as TV, computer, mobile phone, the electromagnetic wave is electromagnetic radiation. After more than a certain intensity, electromagnetic radiation will cause headache, insomnia, memory loss, decreased vision, rise or fall of blood pressure, etc. Don't put household appliances too concentrated or often used together, especially TV, computer, refrigerator, don't put centrally in the bedroom, lest make themselves exposed to super dose radiation danger. In Italy, according to the survey put bedroom television affect the life of husband and wife, the husband and wife sex life by half, because put the TV in the bedroom, couples have little language exchange, even if there is communication and only 2 to 3 minutes at a time. And those who don't watch TV couple more compared with communication, they each language basic can achieve 15 minutes. Solution: make the function of the bedroom explicit, things that have nothing to do with sleep to clear out. Interrogation dialysis hazard phenomenon three bedroom: the bedroom full of greenery hazard index: being fostered fostered fostered green plants can purify air, increase the oxygen content, and can alleviate intense sentiment, so many people move them into the bedroom, however, when the night light is insufficient, the green oxygen, emit carbon dioxide. Green plants in the bedroom, the more the more exhaled carbon dioxide, and went to sleep and close the doors and Windows and indoor air circulation, can make a person for a long time in hypoxia environment, causing constant fatigue, difficulty to get into deep sleep, the longer it will reduce the work efficiency. And because the plants in the soil can be accompanied by a large number of mold, and mold can cause respiratory symptoms, such as allergies or asthma. Solution: when you need to put greenery deck bedroom, can put a few lucky bamboo hydroponic plants, such as a cactus plants or small and exquisite, celestial being wait 24 hours to release oxygen, like drought, like the sun, a month - — Watered once half a month, is the most suitable for indoor of clean plant. Don't buy that often need to watering and shade plants.
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