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Home textile small classroom: how to choose the home textile product - not easy to rub off Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-18
To buy home textile products, especially when cotton products, the most worrying problem is naturally fade. Bright beautiful bed is tasted, if faded, that is wasted. This is why many people choose to buy brand products. The so-called rub off, is the washing, the water will contain some color on the fabric. Please note that at this time, then, is strictly separate rub off and faded, rub off the severe degree, color fastness, is an important index had buyers because on a business trip, soak quilt cover, bed sheet into the washing machine together for a week, back washing, found that don't rub off. It is, however, her bed, color is light, so the effect is obvious, for the dark, or the kind of models, all black sure there will be slight rub off. This time should be careful not to put some white fabric together long soaking time, generally do not longer than 30 minutes. Said so, below a point, after rub off, a lot more bad of the home textiles product brand, will find that the original thunder-and-lightning designs are in the dark without light, even have no color, this is the problem of consumers really care about fade. Although good home textiles fabric to make the bed is tasted in the first washing a slight floating color come out, but will not affect its finish, brightness, after many washing using, colour is still the same, that is the real good bedding. Some brands of bed is tasted, if not rub off, use has faded, that is the reason why because of my poor use of stain. Be oxidized in the air for a long time, the color, and lead to lose the original luster. Ask, is not ask anything, ask, you also can't get the right, the answer you want, what you asked, is not the thing you really care about, so, only in the later, can really compare. Brand, the activity of printing series part dark pattern there may be a slight floating color phenomenon, but after repeated washing, color is still the same, is never fade phenomenon.
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