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Home textile small common sense: the mattress is not yue houyue good - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-19
In the composition of bed, mattress quality directly determines its comfort, good mattess can also improve the quality of sleep, promote healthy sleep. It is understood that the human body vertebra is the ideal state of nature 'S' shape, low quality of mattress can make the spine bending, the intervertebral disc pressure not to relax and ease, cause people during sleep times turn to seek more comfortable sleeping posture, so as to cause a variety of diseases such as cervical spondylosis. Traditional spring mattress after long-term use, possible spring deformation, distortion, loss of elastic bed surface caused by uneven, even partial collapse, seriously affect the quality of sleep. So, how to choose a piece of good mattess? Small make up of the happy home textiles had an interview with Mr. Liu specializes in imported mattress. He said, 'first to hand over, mattress, such as on the surface can touch the spring, the padding is too thin, when sleep will be top and don't feel well. If use hand on the mattress, feel a little 'throw' or 'empty', it indicates that the mattress with empty space between the tank and pad, cannot effectively retainer, easy to deformation. 'Small make up also learned of the joy of home textiles, mattress is not yue houyue good, the thickness of the mattress with the supporting force is not necessarily the relationship, especially the spring mattress. If the thickness of the spring hasn't changed, thickening bottom bedding, only better comfort, rather than a retainer. If you want to spring mattress is durable, choose 12 - Spring is the most ideal of 18 centimeters thick. Vertical stand, in addition, the mattress if bending deformation or can't stand, work coarser illustrate this mattress.
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