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by:TONDA     2020-05-01
Home textile stores display good bedding can cause consumers' desire to buy, and can promote the purchasing power of consumers. Home textile sales consultant, points out that good bedding display need to follow the principle of six aspects. 1, the appeal will be fully concentrated pile up existing goods to highlight momentum; Properly labeled price; Bedding display work finished, deliberately take off a few goods, convenient customer pickup, 2 will cause commodity sales good sign; Cooperate with space display, make full use of the advertisement propaganda materials attract the attention of the customer; Can use a whole heap of irregular display method, can save the time of display and also can produce special offers. 2 and prices are clearly marked price, the price tag must be put in striking position, the size of the Numbers may also affect the customer's appeal, directly write a special discount for more attractive than tell customers. 3, can be profitable bedding display must indeed help to increase the store sales; Strive to help sales display position; Pay attention to the sales record can increase sales of a particular display mode and display; Timely tell supplier bedding display help to profit; Based on the principle of 'first in first out', to reduce the possibility of a return. 4, and display) for traditional shop refers to the shelf behind the counter and the line of sight such as the location, cash register, counter, etc. And for a supermarket or grocery stores, and the line of sight the contour of the shelves, customers in and out of focus, such as the center of the shelves are ideal display position. To start the promotion for the following position: most stores aisle at the ends of the central, shelf, wall shelf above, the checkout of the corner. Bad bedding display points are: the warehouse exit, dark corners, dead space on either side of the doorway, strong scent of goods. 5, convenience bedding should be on display in the customer to facilitate the location of the pickup, strive for better display point, strive to make customers can get goods from different location, direction; Ensures more than 80% of the Yu Huo shelves, and with the convenience of our customers to choose; Avoid mixed with different types of goods, help pin materials don't stick on the goods. 6, stability, bedding display is to help sales rather than a 'stunt'. Was in a 'show' stacking, both must consider a can keep the position of the appeal, also want to consider the stability of the pile. When doing 'box stacking' show, should put open box in a stationary position, replace the empty container from the top, then in order to ensure safety.
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