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by:TONDA     2020-05-01
One could argue the points of what green textiles is not green? For decades are not all so buys, so wear it. This is the most consumers at this stage the understanding of textiles, clothing. In fact, the scientists found that many consumers to buy back the colorful clothing, bedding, by wearing find all the redness, dermatitis and even, accompanied by the phenomenon such as vomiting, dizziness, severe cases can lead to cancer, of the above prove that the dyeing of textile chemical formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly, can release free formaldehyde in the process of people wearing. And through the body's respiratory tract and skin contact with a strong stimulus to the respiratory tract mucous membrane and skin, cause respiratory inflammation and skin inflammation. Also can produce stimulation to the eyes. Second, some chemical dyes also pose a threat to human health, part in chemical dyes, azo dyes can decompose toxic aromatic amine, five oxygen four chlorine phenol. And some dye can cause skin allergies, cancer, the latest medical research shows that women are premature and contact the harmful substances. In addition, the human body skin into a weak acid, prevent bacteria invasion, chemical dyeing textiles PH value, if can not control in neutral or acidic, namely 4. 0 - 7. 0, will damage to human skin, the body sweat, saliva enzymes, can also promote the decomposition of chemical dye. The quality administration of China issued in domestic sales of knitted products ( Including fabric and accessories) Formaldehyde content standard, according to the prescribed standards, the saliva dripping, pajamas, coat, hat and other baby products formaldehyde content should be within 24 months under twenty over one million. Chest, knitted underwear, bedding bag, bedding and other products have direct contact with the skin, should be under seventy-five over one million. Sweaters, pants, skirts, coats, etc don't direct contact with the skin products, should be under three over ten thousand. Indoor ( Including cars, boats, planes) Items, such as cloth of sofa cover, bedspread, wall should be under three over ten thousand. Harm human body chemical dyeing of textiles has drawn the attention of the governments. The European Union ban the use of a few years ago some accidentally chloride dye. Chinese government stipulates, shall not use harmful, cause allergic chemical pigment printing and dyeing fabrics processing, primary school students in uniform. Now whether this standard is safety standards, manufacturers can self-discipline and so on many questions not yet to be seen. As a consumer how to choose the green textiles, how to take measures to protect yourself? Our Suggestions are as follows: to buy new clothes or textile products do not wear, directly to the water soak washing several times, make the residual formaldehyde to release and dissolve, especially formaldehyde content highest wash and wear clothes. As far as possible choose natural woven d: color, color color cotton, silk and wool knitted poly (lactic acid) (PLA) d PAL, armour? Plain weave new more biological intermiscibility, such as environmental protection knitted dimensions products. China has become the world's largest production base of colored cotton. Output reached 6000 tons, accounting for one-third of global production. Colored cotton products have begun to mass market, although some color monotone, but for the sake of their health, or as often as possible to choose colored cotton products as well. Natural color silk sericulture, now produce several natural color silk, this kind of silk products will be widely welcomed by the people, can be said to be the revolution of silk production. But at the moment, or test stage, made a kind of primary colors, to produce the colorful silk, have to wait a long time. In spite of this some also give consumers more choice. Nano technology in the production of new weave d polyester and nylon to dozens of nanometer units are intertwined, and by the refraction of light colorless transparent material looks will appear blue, red, green and violet wait for 4 kinds of color, this kind of woven d will be used for cloth and coating, but the current conductive cloth made clothing is not listed. Plant color products: if natural woven textiles are used d, plant production of color, it will be strictly 100% green textiles, plant color like chemical color has been able to produce thousands of kinds of color of products. Can meet the needs of people of color. Plant color from plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit juices of color. After purification processing, non-toxic harmless. Like strawberry juice which had been dyed red, and yellow liquid of flos sophorae dyed yellow, textiles, textiles, of course, is green. Plant color widely used time has come, color, quantitative and fastness problems for the purification of research has been done, can be said to be a revolution in the textile dyeing victory. Plant fuel dyeing products have been listed quantities, wear in the broad masses of consumers can rest assured. Plant extraction, purification and improve the color fastness of tackling key problems of scientific research, is China's famous plant color experts and designers Zhang Meizhi Zhou Lingxiao cooperation with the other experts.
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