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by:TONDA     2020-04-18
New products were washed with water according to introducing, textiles if pH or formaldehyde exceeds bid, general cleaning can remove with water; Through washing, textile on some chemical agents can also be removed. So, consumers buy home textile, especially close-fitting use products, such as bedding, underwear, etc. , is a good idea to clean with clear water. Try to choose light color for some additives, such as decomposable aromatic amine dyes, not only does not dissolve in water, and colorless, tasteless, indistinguishable from the textile appearance. , red, purple, etc are relatively brunet textiles contains decomposable aromatic amine dyes the possibility of more, if consumers to be on the safe side, you can try to choose light color products. If have a child in the home, careful, best choose some light pink, light blue is better. Choose well-known brands and shopping home textiles manufacturers should be carried out in accordance with the national standard production, but don't need a full inspection, the way of supervision standards is a spot check of quality supervision department and the Ministry of Commerce and industry, so caused some businessmen in order to profit on the market and the behavior of the production. Commodities into the market, some stores will require production businesses to provide proof testing, ensure the quality of products, and bulk cargo market is not such a request. Consumer to consumer safety, can choose the brand with good reputation and shopping places. Note this information is complete as we have learned, at national standards for textiles and GB5296. 4 - 1998 textile and apparel instructions, it defines the content of product instructions. Complete with the products identified, including product instructions ( Outside the listed) , durability, tags, whether explicitly indicate the manufacturer name, address, telephone number, product name, product shape, specification, model number, the composition and content of raw material, washing method, the standard number of products, product quality level, product quality inspection certificate and the content of the security technology categories must be labeled.
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