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by:TONDA     2020-04-18
As the progress and development of The Times, the improvement of living standards, make a lot of people are beginning to nostalgic style restoring ancient ways, restore ancient ways is a kind of elements, is a kind of attitude, those past things sometimes can cause more people emotional resonance. Now, many families decorate began to choose the style that restore ancient ways, matching bedding, restoring ancient ways is today, as by home textiles wholesale factory take you find out what are the home textiles product of style restoring ancient ways! 1. Italian style bedding: restoring ancient ways with European popular element pattern as the design highlights, conform to the luxurious agitation, can be diversified, the background, the theme creation, intended to start gradually into the golden age. Using modal as raw material, has more than cotton soft and comfortable, moisture absorption, breathable characteristics, super smooth, healthy enough. European beech extraction of 100% natural environmental protection fiber, soft, thin, delicate, to bring you a comfortable close-fitting non-inductive experience. Modal jacquard fabrics, rich novel processes of the blended yarn, soft and comfortable, thick fabric and relaxed, a long time with such as new, colour and lustre is bright beautiful. 2. European classical style of bedding, including bedding bag, bed sheets and pillow cases. Navigate the flowers, enjoy nature, from the hustle and bustle of the city, the soul the dust of washing, approached the quiet nature. This is the fusion of art and fashion, jacquard and printing of intersection, into a beautiful French romantic, but do not have amorous feelings. 3. American classical style restoring ancient ways of bedding: select high-quality wide thickening fabrics, reactive dyeing, not ordinary narrow and plain satin fabric can ratio, reasonable design, fine craft, bring different luxury. Colorful color and your bedroom furniture synergies, spruce up your bedroom, show different temperament. 100% quality of mulberry silk, tactility exquisite and smooth, silky skin, antibacterial, not easy to breed mite, enjoy a comfortable sleep. In contemporary, retro things often give a person a kind of simple, true feeling, let a person back to the past, the sincere s brings a fresh and warm wind, a lot of time to restore ancient ways has become tired soul on the comfort of a bailment.
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