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by:TONDA     2020-04-17
American marketing association ( AMA) Studies have shown that people on an a commodity often for the first seven seconds, in the seven seconds time, 70% of people in the decision to buy goods, a primary decision factor is the product of visual expression. The powerful visual expression comes from the excellent design of the integrated use of colour in the design of display. In the textile industry, bed is tasted window display effect, more powerful than any of the publicity. Spinning music home textile especially at doing store display, we summarized the spinning home textile display four gold principle. First, consider the line of sight of the customer first. The people best vision height is about 120 cm, therefore, in consideration of the bed is tasted the store window display, its customers bedding should often and displays the line of sight to keep the same height. Spinning the home textile store window display completely from the customer, consider customer's line of sight, completes the quarterly theme display, duly arrange the quarter sales and promotion of bed is tasted in the most eye-catching position, also can improve the effect of store sales. Second, Windows and stores to form a whole. Window for home textile and clothing stores is the faces of people, is the first image of the brand. How to dress up this face, it is the first step on the people's perception of the brand. Spinning le home textiles shop display from the characteristics of its own fashion brand, to fully consider the customer's first line of sight, decorate window prominent theme, just right, impressive. Through the window display of fashion bedding, people to have a good first impression spinning le brand, which is drawn into the shop. Spinning le home textile window display the general is the flagship product, and event information in the quarter, all kinds of interesting setting can deepen customer impression of bed is tasted, triggering sales. Third, and marketing activities of photograph echo. Spinning home textile at least a month launch a promotional campaign, according to these marketing activities, will formulate the corresponding display manual, in order to make sure every shop can make highly fit bedding display and marketing activities. God has a series of promotional activities, of course, can get more results. Fourth, the theme is concise and bright, style is outstanding. Generally speaking, window display theme should be clear, concise, and unfavorable choose dark themes and high-grade bedding do window. Pleasure home textile, spinning dominated by bright colors contracted style bed is tasted, which is the brand image and an external embodiment of inner demand, moreover, were also more likely to deepen the consumer for spinning fashion home textile brand awareness, inspire consumers deep sensory needs and emotional needs. A window is a picture. Spinning home textile is good at the window as paper, with the beauty of the colorful, bed is tasted freedom painting will fashion, favored by the market, the acclaimed. ( Spinning le home textile)
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