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Home textiles of significance

by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Decorative decorative textiles, as the name implies, is a decoration for the main purpose. Therefore, can fully realize the decorative purposes is the most basic requirements for this kind of home textiles crystal, decorative textiles decorative mainly through the fabric color, pattern, style, style, texture, etc to reflect. At the same time, be very careful with the harmony of the environment, coordinating with decorative objects. Practical decorative home textiles with works of art, they are functional textiles. Although good decorative textiles or decoration design can give a person with artistic enjoyment, but they must meet the requirements of practical. These include, ease of use ( Including construction purposes) As far as possible, durable, in line with the requirements of consumers for comfort. Security not only for home decorative textiles, and told the crowd gathered guesthouse, hotel, transport, aircraft and other decorative textiles used occasion must be flame retardant, there should also be anti-static, harmful chemicals from the harm of human body, etc. , to ensure safe and reliable. I company, responsible to the people important purposes. Production strictly, product strict inspection, after-sales service strictly implemented.
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