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by:TONDA     2020-04-21
Pillow cleaning knowledge, how much do you know? Do you know the pillow hides a lot of startling discovery? These are always hide the time bomb beside us, in order to allow us to avoid these 'minefield' what we need to do? In addition to the regular to change the pillow cases, each week will pillow core in the warm sunshine outside air basks in disinfection, do you know what to do to better protect their own health? manufacturers tell you warm tips in addition to pay attention to the problems above, also should attach importance to the cleaning of the pillow. manufacturers here explain each small pillow cleaning method one by one to you! 1, ordinary cotton pillow cleaning: in a large tub with warm water ( The temperature ranges between 28 ~ 40) Pour a small amount of laundry detergent in the whole pillow core soak in warm water for 30 - After 60 minutes, a water rinse with clear water, constantly squash with the hand to the whole pillow core, squeeze net gradually the laundry detergent in the pillow core, finally will be redundant water drain, will the pillow flat to dry, it can keep the pillow is still soft and fluffy. 2, latex pillows cleaning: in cold water with a mild detergent, to make a pillow in it after soaking, with clear water is rinsed repeatedly latex pillow after being its clean, with a dry towel wrapped the whole pillow, after most of the water net, dry in the shade, avoid by all means is not in the sun insolates, to prevent the oxidation of the pillow brittle. 3, buckwheat pillow to clean: wash in a year is the best time to huangmei ( The south's June) Or after the summer, after open the pillow core inner layer of white gauze, taken out the inside of the buckwheat skin, rinse after uniform to dry in the sun, then in the pillow core of home textiles manufacturer, such doing can smell the scent of buckwheat again. 1, feather pillow cleaning: add a small amount of mild detergent soak in cold water pillow core, with clear water is rinsed repeatedly pillow, and place it in the washing machine again after dry cleaning, in order to ensure the laundry detergent residue in the pillow, and finally again to use the washing machine to dry, flat out to dry, often flap during drying, drying until fully fluffy pillow can be used.
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