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by:TONDA     2020-04-17
Consumer demand for the choose and buy of home textile products and standard also is changing, the past is more simply buy a quilt or sheet, is now more complete purchase; Anything good in the past, choose what, now more focus on matching with household environment as a whole; Preferred low-end products, the past is more affordable, even now is not very rich people also in order to catch up with the fashion and trend, bite the bullet to buy more expensive in the high-end products, in order to avoid out of style; More than in the past is to get married and moved to his new house, will be seriously new or replacement home textiles products, is now in order to improve the quality of life and tastes, usual shopping to see their favorite can conveniently buy home. Actually for bed it scenery line sheets and bedding bag, pillowcase between varied from each other. Household bedroom color mainly from bedding, we can choose different style, different color, different kinds of bed cover sheet, in fact, when the choose and buy bedding also should pay attention to the choice of the size and color. Sheet, bedding bag, quilt, etc all have a unified standard: 150 cm by 200 cm bed should buy 200 cm by 230 cm standard sheet, bedding bag, quilt; And 180 cm by 200 cm bed suite should choose 230 cm by 240 cm, therefore before buying must clear their own bed size. In addition, suggest to buy a suite, and then buy a quilt, lest the quilt cover is not suitable. The design of bed is tasted can also according to their need to purchase, can buy a big piece first, and then gradually to buy small piece to replace. Still can buy extended widened sheet ( 250cm×228cm) , bedding bag ( 228 cm by 200 cm or 240 cm x 220 cm) To replace the massive quilted bedspread and multi-purpose is. Plus for 1 or 2 of pillow (one large and one small The 84 cm x 58 cm, 74 cm x 48 cm) , still can add 1 paragraph on package ( 60cm×60cm) , combined into 4 sets, 5 sets, 7 sets, 10 sets. With the seasons change, summer can choose cool color attune such as light green, light gray, sapphire blue, white, flower pattern cotton bedding; Spring winter can choose purple, ash yellow, orange, warm cotton bedding; Neuter and tonal colors such as beige, yellow, green, pink series and so on, the more moderate and strong affinity, good bedroom can choose all the year round for temperature control conditions. When selecting a bed is tasted do careful, size must be clear in advance, or buy back don't use it do the opposite.
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