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by:TONDA     2020-04-20
Spinning vitality home textile experts believe: mood is closely related to the environment. When faced with continuous cold weather and the outside environment change, the human body this small environment changes affected by it. Winter cold everywhere, people were also more likely to appear this kind of 'emotional disease, such as emotional irritability, often because of the little things, to family members or co-workers, while their feel upset, can't calm down and ponder over a problem, often forgetful forget things. Mood be agitated will hurt the body health, also can affect interpersonal relationships. Spinning home textiles brands to remind you, winter 'emotional disease should pay attention to self adjusting. The first. A calm demeanor, to derive the warm heart. 'As the saying goes:' to Harbin natural cold, often listen to soothing music, or sitting meditation, close your eyes and imagine stove, the blue sky, sunshine, heat and other person feels the warmth of the situation, to forget the cold air attacks, reduce psychological cool to spend. Have a bad day at the unpleasant things, avoid by all means go on the rampage, it is best to calm down, avoid temporarily, as we speak of 'step back broad sky. In the second. Should consciously maintain optimistic and tolerant attitude. Emmanuel, the famous American psychologist, put forward reasonable mood therapy, and ABC to said: A representative induced events; B refers to the individual thoughts on the incident, interpretation and evaluation, including rational and irrational beliefs; C represents the individual mood and behavior as a result, the rational belief often leads to optimistic and happy mood, and irrational belief is easy to cause the pessimistic mood. So for some of the things in our daily life, as far as possible in a positive and optimistic attitude to understand, to get along with others with kindness, tolerance repaid as soon as possible. In the third. Time to pay attention to mix a, with the self management. Take part in the swimming, skating and so on the whole body movement, not only can enhance the capacity of heat resistance, but also to relief pressure inside. According to mimic the short days of winter, should adjust their own life rhythm, form the habit of early to bed and early to rise, and have a regular life habit is the key to guarantee the mood. So, know care mental health, is to make the premise of work and life go smoothly, so pay attention to mental health, it is urgent.
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