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by:TONDA     2020-04-24
Quilt is one of the bedding in modern home textile, it is mainly used for people to sleep when used to cover the warm, especially in the winter, the quilt is indispensable in People's Daily life a kind of product, but many illegal businessmen on the market a lot of sales with some black heart cotton, for the broad masses of people, how to choose and buy the quilt? Hebei home textiles manufacturers call today with you together to learn and understand once! Quilt of choose and buy new techniques and methods: 1, pay attention to seeing is believing, to see all the quilt inside, see label, first to see if 100% cotton, as well as the fabric count, the higher the count, quilt fabric quality is better; Then to see the inside of the filling material, the volume is uniform, color is natural. If natural white color cotton fiber, fiber color dazzling white, could be mixed with chemical fiber, or after bleaching, be especially careful. 2, with her hands to feel a lot of people think that the quilt is thick, high-quality quilts after processing is actually very soft, so the quilt when the choose and buy, want to touch the cotton core, if enough soft and fluffy, and there is no impurities, cotton core quality is higher. In addition, the general pure cotton fabric natural soft feel, feel plump thick, slightly astringent feeling and sense of bones and muscles, can pull of a smaller, after pulling the slower rate of recovery. So when choosing quilt cover, quilt cover can be folded in half, and then with her nails, shave off along the edge of the light on, scratches, the more obvious, prove that the higher the cotton content. To review: 3, smell good cotton fiber smell pure, does not stimulate the nose, while inferior cotton have dirty oil smell. After a smell, a two cotton yarn can be extracted to fire, can have the smell of burning hair good cotton, if produce black smoke of Moscow, is containing the chemical fiber cotton blended, black smoke, the more the fiber content is higher.
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