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by:TONDA     2020-04-26
Refers to the so-called bedding 4: bedding bag, bed sheets, mattress at core. So how to choose and buy bedding 4 times? 4 times of choose and buy needs to pay attention to what issues? We give you summarized the following three points. Method/procedure first, need according to the size of the bed. Actually this question is easy to understand, because you buy 4 times always want to use the on the bed, then the size must be the size of the phase and the bed is tasted, only in this way seems to be more harmonious, use rise more convenient and comfortable. This requires that we must know the size of your bed, in general the bed size to 1. 5 meters and 1. In the majority of eight meters. Buy 4 times 4 times at the same time to see the size, is suitable for 1. 5 meters bed, or for 1. 8 meters bed, or are the two dimensions are suitable. 4 times the size of the usually indicate very clear, if you are not sure, you can ask the seller, in a word must choose the right, and his bed to matching. Secondly, according to own hobby to choose the material and style. 4 times according to use the material of different can be divided into pure cotton, silk, bamboo fiber, etc. , according to the style and can be divided into continental, Chinese, Korean, etc. In general all like cotton covered 4 times, because the material of pure cotton absorb sweat, good, not easy to generate static electricity, easy to clean, and good shrink after washing is not easy to deformation. The same style also is to choose according to his be fond of, someone like the European style, some people like Korean, this not what rules to follow, vary from person to person. For the design design and color is everything, and so on. Generally the same style of 4 times will have a variety of colors and patterns, to choose from, you like which is which. Finally, the brand and the price not too seriously. Said don't value brands and prices because of well-known brand bedding four sets at the end of the day is so several brands, and practical in the purchase process you will find that there are a lot of is what I don't know the brand, actually this is very normal. After all, the number of well-known brands is very limited, and the price is generally not significantly higher than the famous brand products, so is not suitable for mass consumption. And we buy 4 times at the end of the day is the first principle is practical, as long as the quality is good, with the comfortable is a good 4 times. So you really don't need to go to the pursuit of the so-called famous brand, there are so many famous brands of 4 times the consumer feedback is also very good. As for the price 100 yuan generally speaking the most common, of course the price is too cheap quality or do manual work is certainly not very good, but the price is too high and hard to accept. So you want to combine their own economic conditions when buy to make a choice, if you economic comparison bounteous, so high prices of choose and buy brand products can completely, vice general brand line. More than just three bedding four sets of the most basic principle of choose and buy, of course this principle is also suitable for buy other bedding. In the actual process of choose and buy, we might have some other problems, but as long as you take these three principles do not relax, shijiazhuang textile factory address for sure you can buy to let oneself and family satisfaction bedding four sets. There is a call may need to contact shijiazhuang home textiles.
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