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by:TONDA     2020-04-27
Strategics of physicians in qing dynasty Li Yuzeng pointed out: 'keeping in good health, when prior to sleep. Can sleep can also, relating, sleep can spleen benefit stomach, sleep can strong bones strong. 'Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable quilt. The quilt is the most traditional, the most widely used quilt, it's affordable, fluffy and excellent warmth retention property. Ms more than citizens in a shopping, bought a quilt, known as the treatment of night sweats function, when considering your own sweat often occurs during sleep, hesitation, she spent 999 yuan to buy a set. Home tested after a period of time, however, ms wong found still night sweats, and opened the quilt, broken cotton was dark inside. In fact like ms yu, lack some careless about the quilt and common sense to buy a 'dirty' quilt and the examples. To help consumers more correct choice quality quilt, the reporter consulted xi since home textile experts. When choosing a quilt to test the stand or fall of a bed quilt, can use a needle to anywhere in the quilt of oblique, inserted in turn two laps, and bring out some cotton, you can check, so to quilt also won't have any damage. Cotton should not be pure white, the real good cotton is light ivory, if the color yellow is the cotton storage time is long; Look at the snow-white cotton is the bleaching. So super white or yellow color will alert, happy days home textile experts told me now black heart cotton by smoking, bleach, is a very white. Cotton has a light faint scent, after drying the quilt smell more strong; The smell of new cotton thick, no flavor of old cotton. This is the old man said the smell of the cotton. If choose white quilt, smell instead of cotton fragrance oil, without any impurity, pat debris scattered light dot, so the quilt is black heart cotton 100%. Cotton fiber for short fiber, cotton, generally between 23 ~ 33 mm, the length of the happy days of home textiles expert told me that if after stretch cotton fiber is too short it is possible to recycle, recycle of length less than 15 mm. If conditions allow can also use fire to cotton, pure cotton by hand twist after burn no particles, doping a chemical burn will form a ball.
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