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by:TONDA     2020-04-26
According to statistics, one third of one's life time is spent in morpheus, for a child to sleep more. So whether to sleep or play, home is the place where the children stay up, so the quality of home textiles is vital for children's health and growth. Home textiles ( ) Refers to all the life that occupy the home use or coated textile products. Can be divided into: bedding, such as being, quilt cover, bed sheet, pillow, pillowcases, bed nets, mat, etc. ; Suspension textiles, such as curtain, antependium, etc. ; Cover coated fabrics, such as sofa cover, table cloth, table cloth, etc. ; Decorative textiles, such as window decoration, wall decoration, etc; Daily class textiles, such as towel, handkerchief, towel, Robe) And the napkin ( The skirt) And so on. Due to the quality and safety of children and children have no consciousness or awareness is weak, so this article from the product quality and safety, comfort, design, logo label four aspects to explain how the parent for the child to choose the appropriate home textiles. Product quality and safety is the immanent quality of home textile products, Such as formaldehyde, carcinogenic dyes, dyeing fastness, plasticizer, etc. ) To conform to the requirements of the standard, the unqualified product can cause great harm to children and children's body. Children home textile H values are not qualified direct reason is that the fabric production enterprises in the process of dyeing finishing, use a lot of acidic or alkaline substances, and did not take reasonable neutralization process, caused the pH to exceed bid. Due to the human body skin weak acid, together with children's skin more tender, antibacterial ability is weaker, so overweight pH major hazard is possible to destroy the human body skin pH balance, cause skin irritation or infection. So, come back in to buy bedding and daily class textiles had better wash it again first, to dilute possible excess acid and alkali pH value. With textile dyes on color fastness, color fastness bad home textile products in use process, dyes easily fall off and faded, especially in the dark products, thus affect beautiful, and loss of dye molecules or heavy metal ions can be absorbed by human body through the skin and a health hazard. In addition, the banned azo dyes are also associated with the dye, the dye to the human body health and safety are potentially dangerous, can cause human disease and cause cancer. So buy back home textile products, Bedding and household textiles) No matter deep light color had better wash one or two times first, to wash away the excess floating color. But to be banned azo dye anyway washing is to remove, when advice is bought, businessman of check report. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas and has strong excitant odour, is a volatile substance, soluble in water, alcohol and ether, has been the world health organization (who) defined as carcinogenic substances and cause deformity. Formaldehyde in general as a commonly used resin finishing crosslinking agent are widely applied to pure cotton, pure or blended products finishing process, so that the fabric has the good crease resistant shrinkage resistance, needs and decontamination, and other functions. In addition, in order to keep the durability of printing and dyeing and improve the grip and added in the auxiliary demand such as formaldehyde. For children or infants, they stay indoors or more time on the bed, decorate and hanging in the children's room, decoration, home textile should have good ventilation environment, and bedding and household textiles should reduce as far as possible choose to have crease resistant function such as shrinkage resistance, needs or rich colorful printing products, more likely to choose plain coloured and light color of the products. If you want to buy, the businessman should issue inspection report. Refers to the phthalic acid ester compounds of phthalic acid ester derivatives, was also we often say plasticizer, the compound is carcinogenic and can cause damage to the hormonal system of human body, the damage to the development of the reproductive system in children. Mainly PVC coated fabric, PVC film, flexible foam soft PVC material such as the most commonly used plasticizer. Plasticizer is mainly involved in the textile industry after finishing and printing process. In general, the fabric after finishing the finishing technology with very low content of plasticizer, little harm to the human body. In order to improve the handle, or reduce the pattern in cooking and baking time, lasting, bright type PVC pigment printing process often to join a small amount of plasticizer, the dosage of 40% ~ 50%. In addition, as some home textile product with plastic ears or plastic accessories, etc. Also contains a plasticizer. Under the condition of use, these products will release phthalic acid esters plasticizer, when children or infants and young children for fun or subconsciously put hand into the mouth to chew, release of phthalic acid esters plasticizer could caused severe damage to children through the mouth. Therefore should be avoided when the choose and buy home textile with PVC, PU material, and large area of printing products, such as not convenient washing PVC table cloth material choice, not because good choice with plastic accessories, bedding, etc. Peculiar smell, in textile and apparel production and processing of more or less to introduce some odorous substances, the odor produced from chemical finishing agent and additives used in the processing and storage and transportation in the environment of the adsorption of odour, some of them smell the health hazards of human body is bigger, such as mildew, high boiling range of petroleum ( Such as gasoline, kerosene) , fish gamey smell and aromatic hydrocarbon. So you should open the bag carefully when buy smell for these or other taste, to avoid harm to the health of children.
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