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How to distinguish the stand or fall of textile digital printing processing bedding - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-11
A: check identification: check the product logo, on the basis of identification indicated in the insurance kind, grade, specification, composition, etc. , of the selected bedding do careful inspection, check whether there is a stain, roving, jump, reveal defects such as color of a flower. 2: work: be aware of bedding, sewing line is straight, spelling a seam is flat; All kinds of accessories, the quality of a material of ingredients, such as zipper whether smooth, button is strong, and so on. Color with light color attune advisable, bedding and color with deeper colour of the choose and buy when, can use a napkin in printing or dyeing cloth rub a few times, if infected with significant color, to clarify the product color fastness is not good. Three: smell: bedding digital printing processing are applied in the process of a variety of consolidation agent as additives. May be residual excess chemical composition, can cause damage to the human body. To smell, to discern whether the flavor tastes of the chemical composition of the stimulus. Home textile factory remind everybody: digital printing products external beauty, bright surface, because of using the technology of digital printing proofing, surface design, more beautiful, but when consumer is buying bedding, must not because the beautiful design of digital printing proofing and ignore the actual use of buying their own supplies.
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