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How to wash nursing home textile products - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-08
1, cotton fabric, home textile when cleaning, should first put the detergent in the water, after being completely dissolved, add the cotton fabric, generally soaking time is less than half an hour, the water temperature is not more than 40 degrees, light color and brunet fabrics separate soaking and washing, avoid slight staining. Note, do not use detergent containing bleach composition. 2, silk fabrics, silk fabrics, soybean fiber textile silk fabric is biological protein fiber, so special silk should be used when washing detergent. When cold water washing, wash with a little vinegar added, can increase the fabric luster; Hand washing, dry river water not dry, not hard when dry, not in the sun exposure. Iron at low temperature. Fast for a small dirt, can use the steam iron on the dirt in the home a few times, then dip in with towel on professional silk detergent wipe gently, general dirt can be remove, and then rinse clean with water. 3, bamboo fiber fabric, home textiles room temperature water washing, cannot use hot water soaking, washing, dry-cleaning and can be machine wash not dry, after washing dry it in ventilation and avoid light place, not in the sun insolates, iron at low temperature. Bedding textile receive five details should pay attention to for bedding home textiles is received, many people know that to keep the environment clean, prevent mildew; Light color and brunet stored apart, prevent staining, yellowing. But easy to overlook some details, often have adverse consequences for need careful care of bed is tasted. 1. Cotton, hemp product collection when folded neatly, and add a certain amount of camphor ball, in the dark, low humidity, well ventilated place to store. 2. Wool by need to stay after drying the quilt cool again after folding, stored in the pest control, placed in a dry place, not weight, dry clean. 3. Silk by the use of, such as the sun be affected with damp be affected with damp, should hang dry in the shade, dry again after folding. When stored in the pest control, placed in a dry place. 4. Duvet after being quilt cool then fold after drying, storage in the pest control, placed in a dry place, can be washed. 5. White silk products can't put camphor ball or put in wood box, otherwise will be yellow.
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