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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Cotton is very popular with people, but its cost is higher also, especially the high count cotton textiles of high quality, the price is very expensive. Some unscrupulous businessmen take advantage of the lower cost of pure chemical fiber or pretend to be pure cotton blended material products, if consumers can master some identification method, can avoid being scammed. The most straightforward method is visual feel. If the raw material is the state of the fiber, cotton, for example, can according to the appearance of the fiber morphology, colour and lustre, feel is judging and hand strength. Natural cotton fine soft, the length is very short, uniformity is poor, and there is noise and defect, and the length of the fiber is compared commonly, the length is longer, very pure color and luster is not natural. If it is made of textile made of pure cotton general feel is very good, is soft, especially knitwear more soft than machine weaving, a handful are evident in the fold, and joined the chemical fiber cotton products are softness, almost no fold. Besides through special processing of mercerized cotton, cotton textiles is not very smooth to the touch, is better than polyester and blended products smooth, colour and lustre is usually natural simple, without special silk, chemical fiber luster. Another commonly used method is the combustion method. Can take down the corners of a yarn from textiles to light observation, to determine whether the cotton goods. Cotton cellulose as the main component of fiber and flame burning rapidly, after leaving the flame burning, have a burn smell, left after burning is a small amount of gray ash. Wool protein fibers such as combustion would have the smell of burning hair, left by the ash after burning is black crunchy. Although synthetic fiber can also be burned in the fire, but not quickly burn when close to the flame, but melt contraction, combustion residue after a hard ball. In addition, can also use a microscope observation, medicine, coloring, chemical dissolution, chemical determination of melting point, ir and so on a variety of methods to identify textiles is pure cotton material, but these are professionals need to have to use special equipment to do it.
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