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by:TONDA     2020-04-16
Autumn winter arrival, busy consumers choose and buy high quality bedding for the winter. Now, many new bedding fabrics are popular, mostly USES the name of the seductive. Silk? Cotton? Chemical fiber? All kinds of fabrics new consumer dazzled. The personage inside course of study says, bed is tasted not judge only by the name of the material choose and buy, be aware of these pitfalls. Not judge to name the material in the eyes of most consumers, household bedding fabrics or for natural, therefore, silk products popular. Name on the market, however, with 'silk' and 'cotton fabric, may actually has nothing to do with both. For example, 'tencel'. Days silk bedding is expensive, however, although called silk, actually it is pure natural fiber regeneration, is the English word Chinese transliteration of tencel, with cotton, silk feel comfort and good drapability. Hole again, for example, the quilt is often can see seven holes are on the market, such as 10 hole is, bedding bag may be made of pure cotton, being the core, in fact, a kind of polyester fiber products. 'Hole' refers to the section on the polyester fiber at high magnification microscope, its fiber cross section seven hole hole cavity number is often called the puckering, bore, nine, ten, etc. Fiber hole cavity number, the more its breathable, warm, fluffy is better, the more soft. Satin is not satin, but a kind of pure cotton, introduce according to professional personage, satin drill have some difference with normal cotton fabric, the two are different in the form of weaving. Satin drill of weft yarn every three interwoven once, fabric density is high, and after mercerizing singeing process made of cotton, out on the surface of the yarn hairiness. Its characteristic is thick, the surface is smooth, fine and soft, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, has good elasticity, texture closely, is not easy to deformation. Have positive and negative points, crossing point at least, float line length, the fabric surface by almost all of warp or weft float line. Satin fabric full of sheen, reflective effect, similar to the silks and satins, the grade is higher, the cost is high. Chemical fiber material with new word 'diamond velvet coral fleece are chemical fiber material', the reporter recently visited guangzhou some large supermarket home textiles product area, the shop assistant said, most directly indicate the chemical fiber fabrics, bed is tasted bad to sell, 'basic is at a low price', however, a new name, is relatively higher consumer acceptance. Diamond wool knitted fabric is popular in recent years a large fabric, varieties and broad consumer attention. Smooth suede fabric, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, attractive appearance. It is understood that the goods with polyester fiber as raw material, selection of fine plain weave woven in circular knitting machine, can make clothes, toys, etc. , are widely used in bed is tasted. However, despite the diamond velvet fabric has many advantages, but there is a very obvious flaws, is a pungent odor, especially after the sun had more obvious. The flavor should pass for a long time. Coral fleece is a new type of fabric. Compared with other textiles, coral velvet soft, easy dyeing, due to the fabric soft, can be wiped with objects fit closely, thus has good cleaning effect. The disadvantage of coral fleece is easily electrostatic, due to the weaving principle can exist wool phenomenon, suggest a wash before wearing it again. Before winter dry skin, wearing the erasable cream, or the use of washing in addition to electrostatic washing liquid, due to floating hair, suggestion the skin allergy and asthma should avoid wearing the bedding fabric or use the fabric production. With silk by 5 times the price difference is silk quilt is very popular in recent years. But, is also a silk by, reporter saw at the mall, some as long as more than 800 yuan, some price is 4000 yuan. Why the price will be difference so big? According to introducing, silk by has the branch of mulberry silk and tussah silk. Silkworm cocoon of them are white, glittering and translucent get rid of tussah cocoon is in the majority with deep brown, dark bluish grey. The mulberry silk price is much higher than that of tussah silk. Because of the processing technology of the two different, mulberry silk ( Cocoon) Presents the natural white, in the production of silk by, don't need to by any chemical bleaching process. Tussah silk ( Cocoon) Is different, if not processed directly into a quilt, whether color or feel, consumers are usually hard to accept. Merchants in order to handle and color is more close to the 'silk', often by adding 'fluorescent whitening agent' are likely to fade and chemical bleaching, harmful to human body. 'Some manufacturers even logo mulberry silk, it also can hang sheep head sell vinegar, only used in the outermost layer, the inner or the tussah silk, even with a small amount of cotton', revealed the personage inside course of study. Distinguishes the mulberry silk and tussah silk was, first of all to touch touch. Made of mulberry silk quilt, more exquisite and durable, more is not easy to agglomerate. Because it is high quality high quality microfiber, determines its supple nature, fiber distribution regular, definitely feel silky touch, no lumps. The tussah silk feel dry to the touch, hard, fiber distribution. There is also a more intuitive way, watch the mulberry silk is surface have a seam line, professional term called 'quilting is', not to say it's fake products, but must be more bad of the product, known as the 'typical' silk by. Sewed sealed by it, because it is all the time, scraps from the processing of silk cocoon staple, if not quilting, silk are straggling, huddled, or false, mixing the tussah silk, chemical fiber etc. Don't want to let people find. Quality of mulberry silk is no quilting was, this will destroy the quilt fleeciness, so you just hit a few to lifting point in the tire.
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