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In the winter sunshine: grinding bedding - MAO process Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-24
What is a ground hair? Grinding hair, belongs to a kind of functional products, is a printing and dyeing finishing. General fabric after pretreatment, cloth is bright and clean level off, and ground hair is used to wrap the sand skin friction roller in cloth, grinding out a layer of fluff on the cloth. Grinding of the wool fabric craft relatively more complicated compared with printed fabrics, first after dyeing and finishing, then through exquisite grinding process, MAO style alone, for a new flower in the textile industry. The sunshine in the winter: mill grinding process bedding fabrics MAO MAO: the advantages of the grinding process as a kind of new fabrics, MAO in fabrics to give new style at the same time, strengthened the fabric softness and warmth; Personal use, give a person a kind of very warm very soft close skin feeling; 3, both in handle, comfort and appearance quality is better than not grind wool fabrics; 4, because the technology is unique, wool products have not faded, not qualities such as ball, is like new. 5, the fabric is much better than the average cotton fabric, but also than the average weight of cotton material thick; 6, bed is tasted compared to other different fabric of bed is tasted, especially suitable for use in winter, is in last few years the fabric market to be bestowed favor on newly. Grinding wool bedding Courier: violet cotton mill hair 4 times - — Aurora that distant place, for us, is a kind of temptation, not in beautiful temptation, but temptation in the legend. Violet home textiles this suite, as a magnificent sunset sky, rich color gradient, as if to tell us about the aurora's dream. Warm bright orange, plus a little bit gradient color, with warm warm champagne, looks wool feels dye-in-the-wood. The combination of the classical European grain appearance and fine lines to make bedding look fashionable and lively. The sunshine in the winter: grinding hair in bed is tasted, soft cotton fabrics and fine grinding MAO technology perfect union, a touch namely warm, 360 ° warm every inch of your skin. Plentiful grinding wool top tactility, warm color, soft and thick fabrics, bring you warm in the winter sleep experiences.
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