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by:TONDA     2020-04-21
Here are spinning home textiles for you to provide all kinds of fabric products, cleaning, maintenance advice, suitable for every season! The products, all kinds of fabric washing maintenance should pay attention to the key point 1. Please do not use bleach when catharsis, do not use high temperature hot water, use warm water and cold water. 2. When washing dark bedding, soak time shoulds not be more than 10 minutes ( Contain deep light color of the product) 。 Be careful not to local washing to knead a large area, and do not mix with other light color fabric washing. 3. Bedding should be washed clean, change garments according to the dry store in a dry place, after the south should also be regular air humidity larger area. Cleaning 1 of 2 different fabrics, bed is tasted. Silk or silk cotton fabric product in dry cleaning is the best way, such as indicated on the washing label can be washed, please join in the cold water in the right amount of neutral soap or silk wool detergent, after being completely dissolved, with reference to the washing instructions, immerse the product again, gently washed by hand. Pay attention to rub torsion of avoid by all means, so as not to damage the fabric and luster. Thoroughly wash, and then roll in the towel, squeeze out excess water. Then along the fabric stitching screeding fabrics, hanging in the air to circulate and no direct sunlight place, this to preserve color brilliance of real silk fabrics is very necessary. Silk fabrics after washing ironing can restore the luster of the fabrics, you can in the fabric dry to eighty percent when, with a white cloth cover opposite silk fabrics, along the fabrics by the low temperature pressing, iron temperature should be between 110 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, otherwise it will cause yellowing. When ironing water of avoid by all means to prevent stains mark affect beautiful. Custody of real silk fabrics is the first key is clean and dry. Because silk belongs to animal protein fiber, if you don't fully wash not clean or dry, easy to cause the bug eat by moth, yellowing or deterioration. If you are in place in the hygroscopic agent, so much the better. In addition, white silk product collection cannot put camphor ball or put camphorwood box, otherwise will be yellow. Can color fastness good dark blue cloth package storage, avoid yellowing. 2. Product strong alkali resistance of cotton fabric, cotton fabric is not acid, good high temperature resistance, can use soap or other scour catharsis. Before washing, soaking in water for a few minutes, but shoulds not be too long, so as to avoid color is damaged. General washing temperature is not more than 40 ℃, it is advisable to reverse washing; If there are any ornaments ornaments please get off after washing, avoid cotton fabrics with perspiration soaking with hot water, lest appear yellow sweat stain. Rinse, can grasp the 'smaller' approach, where each wash not use a lot of water; But want to wash a few times more. After each washing should be dry, on the second rinse again, in order to improve the washing efficiency. Should be opposite to dry in ventilation shade, cannot insolate, lest fade. When ironing temperature under 110 oc. Collect folded neatly, deposit in ventilation and avoid light place. Light color and brunet fabrics must pay attention to the stored separately to prevent shadow color, yellow. 3. Force of the product because of the hardness of hemp, cotton and linen fabrics, when washing than cotton fabric, soft, avoid by all means use hard brush to wash and forcibly knead, in order to avoid facing, affecting the appearance and the service life of the product. Do not twist wring force, do not use hot water hot bubble, cannot insolate, so as to avoid product shrinkage, deformation, faded. When ironing temperature under 110 oc. Ventilation and avoid light place to store. 4. Self fabric products available conventional washing detergent, increases with the increasing wash, wash separately with other fabric products, the water temperature is not more than 30 oc. When washing should be better than cotton fabric, soft, avoid scrub the, avoid hard brush to wash, avoid twist wring forcibly. After cleaning should be folded to squeeze water purification. Should be opposite to dry in ventilation shade, cannot insolate, lest fade. When ironing temperature under 110 oc. Collect folded neatly, deposit in ventilation and avoid light place. 5. Other special fabrics, polyester, polyester-cotton fabric products: room temperature using conventional detergent, first soak in cold water for 15 minutes, the water temperature should not be more than 40 oc. After wash, can generally dehydration or hand gently twist dry, dry in a cool ventilated place, do not insolate, unfavorable and drying, in order to avoid raw knit with heat. Can usually be ironed at low temperature. 6. With small Fang Zhen lace fabrics, pillowcases, cushion for leaning on to cover such a small piece of fabric products, can put the lace in the laundry bag, with neutral detergent washing, do not use concentrated laundry detergent, bleach of fabric damage big cleaning agents, etc. Bedding bag products of lace, it is best to turn to reverse washing bedding bag, after washing, lace of placemat cold pressing, can keep the lace pattern is not twisted. 7. Viscose fiber fabrics with a neutral detergent washing, washing temperature cannot exceed 40 oc. After washing, fold up the fabric, with pressure squeeze out the water, the way of avoid by all means twist wring. Should avoid exposure, in a cool and ventilated place dry. Can usually be ironed at low temperature. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7。 8 pounds Normal0
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