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Keeping in good health appropriate chooses herbal pillow core - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-24
Herbal health preservation is a kind of life philosophy, it WenMian and the power of the infinite. Herb pillow core series is the roots of herbaceous plants which configuration according to TCM theory, filling in the pillow do bed pillow, is a means of keeping in good health care. People sleep first kiss make the drug's active ingredient slowly inside the pillow, and aroma to the pillow, around its smell light and thin, not for a long time and not weak, clear and not muddy, but don't walk. Grain in ear is the most busy, but also should pay attention to preserve one's health, a few introduce spinning music, home textiles below small make up herbal pillow I wish you a grain in ear health carefree! Health appropriate chooses the herb pillow radix bupleuri health herbal pillow, slightly sweet bupleurum top grade herbs, antipyretic anti-inflammatory, meditation resting to restore energy, give you a sweet night! Silkworm sand healthy herbal pillow, silkworm sand, grape, invigorate the circulation of wind is often used to rheumatism headaches, has clear liver bright eye effect. Ai Ye Jiankang herbal pillow, folium artemisiae argyi sheen, bitter taste, temperature, and qi, blood and dampness. Artemisia argyi herbal pillow, give you a comfortable sleep. Cassia seed health herbal pillow, cassia seed commonly known as wild flowers, cool, heat, bright eye, have flat liver and kidneys. Drink green tea, green tea health herbal pillow, countries heat has soared, refreshing and pure and fresh. To do tea pillow, poetic dreams. Jasmine health herbal pillow, jasmine flower, fresh edible, do a pillow. Jasmine HuaZhen, send you a seat fragrance!
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