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Latex pillows how to choose and buy - home textile factory tell you Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-30
Emulsion latex was prepared by oak, with understanding, every oak, juice only about 30 day cc. After the leave, fermentation, cooked, washing, cutting and other steps. Latex for plain, antimicrobial properties, such as widely used in the field of medical and health care, such as pacifier, medical gloves, etc. So said latex is nature gift to human very good sleep. 1, the choose and buy a new pillow, should choose according to your evening sleeping posture. Latex pillows have a variety of thickness, a variety of density, used to lie low is the best choice for general thickness, medium density pillow, side with thicker the density of high pillow, stomach should choose soft pillow; 2, according to age, average age suit to choose thick density high pillow, younger should choose a bit thinner soft; 3, as well as weight and preferences of the individual aspects to consider. Latex pillows can natural curve of joint human body contour and the most, provide strong supporting force and stress relief, stress can reduce interfere with sleep, and provide necessary to sore muscles and bones fatigue of oxygen and nutrients. Latex pillows use and maintenance of 1, some people will get used to bask in the pillow, we do not recommend, because rubber products often insolation easy to aging, causing surface of powder. 2, latex pillow does not need to clean, not latex products cannot be cleaned, but dry rough after cleaning process, generally not drying, prompting residual moisture. 3, really want to wash, if only a small area, just put in ventilated place after use a wet towel to wipe, can use again in a few days. 4 sleep, sweat, latex product itself will evaporate moisture, do not need special drying. 5, latex products in use after a period of time and air oxidation, gradually becoming yellow, is a normal phenomenon, do not need special concern. 6, latex products collection, heavy pressure, don't put wet space. 7, if use the vacuum bag collection products, do not hold more than six months, when to take out the base that the product cannot be undone, as long as one or two days, the product can rebound on its own. Emulsion latex pillow pillow cleaning method of cleaning, also can wash with water, the most convenient latex pillow is washable, natural latex pillow is easy to manually clean, not in a washing machine or other machine washing, latex was soft and easy to be stranded. Must be noticed when washed by hand to squeeze. Due to wash will absorb a large number of products, weight, take out the water, do not grab a small Angle of moving part is pulled, bibulous overweight will throw pillows, must like tofu, hold her center of gravity and most of the volume, carefully remove the water. After the wash, with dry towel or other absorbent material, with his hands pressed dry, avoid direct exposure to the strong sunshine. To speed up the drying time, after the suspension, it is recommended that every 3 hours, to handle the extrusion, below can be excess water discharge, and the electric fan blowing.
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