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by:TONDA     2020-04-05
Into the season, many consumers face 'quilt' obsession, cover less afraid of catching cold cold, cover more depressive and feel stuffy don't sleep well, and the people who had not good sleep, have a headache when it comes to choosing a suitable quilt. Good sleep is the guarantee of quality of life. Learning a lot of bed is tasted, and our health is closely linked quilt, bed sheet, bedding bag more nots allow to ignore. In the cold autumn winter season, how to choose a suitable quilt? According to expert introduction, the key to a good sleep is a warm winter, breathable, moisture absorption and weight moderate quilt. The weight of the autumn/winter quilts thickness with moderate advisable. The quilt is overweight puts pressure on the chest, decrease lung capacity, easy to have nightmares. Tell from medical Angle, the quilt is too thick can make the bed temperature, speed up metabolism, sweat sticky can make blood concentration after discharge, which increases the risk of cardioascular congestion; The quilt too little sleep may make people feel unease. At the same time, the quilt permeability bed of humidity, the humidity inside the bed is also an important factor to affect sleep. When sleeping, because of the sweat evaporation, bed humidity higher than 60%, often make the skin stimulation. The relative humidity inside the bed remained at 50% ~ 60% is the best. But the quilt to build small environment will be affected by the geographical, seasonal. In addition, according to individual circumstance, such as whether there is a mite allergy, asthma, hot and cold sensitivity, etc. To select the suitable products. So, is there a meet the requirements of the above these good quilt? Common quilt with nine holes are on the market, such as 10 hole by fibre is, relatively high end points have duvets fleece, such as silk, different material function, small make up visit the mall recently discovered, a so-called 'six hours' sleep is eight hours of sleep quality' quilt, is quietly, not winter has sold nearly ten thousand. And according to stores promoters, this pair of red Fuji deep sleep is as the product name, is a can bring 'deep sleep' the magic of a quilt. The deep sleep is by Fuji home textiles America with the world's largest fiber manufacturers invista teamed up to build a high-tech smart was, quilt padding by invista latest technology 'dotcom' fiber, 100% imported 'dotcom' fibers were Ω hollow structure, has a great volume and good performance of hygroscopic platoon is wet, the structure of the quilt the making craft of the similar duvets, big squares are not run cotton quilted, square inch technology plentiful full. Deep sleep is also a 'duvet lightsome, wool was warm, the silk by air', is an advantage, deep sleep is also wash can be basked in vacuum is received, the feather, wool, silk by traditional is not washing. Say that deep sleep has been is the most advanced in the class of intelligent products, use 5 years not deformation, particularly high cost performance. The north and the south in winter, the weather is different, when choosing bedding on should also be different. Northern winter weather is dry, indoor heating, the quilt need not too thick, the southern winter climate is damp, permeability is good quilt will give people comfort, the characteristics of deep sleep is to ensure the warmth and breathable, and hygroscopicity and weight are appropriate. Fuji is deep sleep in carrefour, wal-mart, lotus, auchan, and so on each big stores, supermarkets, found by small make up visits, in general hypermarket, some relatively good quilt like duvets price in 3000 yuan; Australian wool is the price in 1500 yuan; Silk by price in 1000 yuan. And according to deep sleep is the market price of 599 yuan only. So calculate down, buy a deep sleep were not only can enjoy duvets, wool, silk by, etc. The advantages of high-grade quilt, and in much more affordable price and is indeed 'spend less money, better use of the quilt! 'It is no wonder that haven't winter, has tens of thousands of sell like hot cakes.
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