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Life series and tropical elements in home textile pattern design system resolution - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-19
Fashionable elements will choose what kind of home textile products as patterns? Cartoon series, a series of simulation animation series, the scenery or character series, series and tropical elements in life? These are exist in fashion pattern selection of home textile products. Spinning le home textile small make up today to resolve from the design of home textile products series and series of tropical elements in the design of life. Life series of cool color background color, pure and fresh and natural light blue background, add more fashion natural breath; Cool color is light blue background, simple small broken flower pattern, articles for daily use, abstract rules of regular size color letter, contracted fashion; Same color background picture, the same as color of articles for daily use outline description, small broken flower and naturally font at will. The background color of warm color department, abstract casual articles for daily use contouring, use different fonts, colors, and different size of the pattern as the main printing design, warm and fashion, full of life breath. Tropical elements series warm color department background color, sweet and fashion, deck chair, small broken flower, coconut trees with tropical elements such as the stick, simple combination, prominent feel warm warm tropical amorous feelings of home textiles products; Tropical elements in the cool background information appears to be more cool and unique amorous feelings, with the same cool color department used line draw the outline of tropical plants outline, show unique tropical charm more.
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