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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
Speaking of duvets, it is lightsome soft and warm! At the same time, the duvet in the bed is tasted, belong to the luxury goods, so, in recent years gradually influenced by modern family love! But just because of its own value, so the choice of fabric is very exquisite, typically using high-grade white as matching fabrics with it, but white has a regular phenomenon, is in use after a period of time, will appear because perspiration stains of partial or whole yellow color! In addition, duvet maintain undeserved cause effect of be affected with damp be affected with damp phenomenon that heat preservation is reduced! Do you have any special methods, oneself at home can easily solve the problems of high-grade duvet? If you feel the same way, you see spinning le home textiles to give you a small tips! Duvet cleaning tips coup 1: if duvet is only partial dirty, below this kind of simple and quick method can be used: with a clean towel dipped in gasoline, have to be in gently wipe, stains are removed, and then with a dry towel to wipe with gasoline, such as gasoline after natural volatilization. Clean effect is quick, easy and convenient and effort! Tips 2: if duvet is too dirty, not suitable for machine wash at home, this will damage duvets, sent to the professional cleaners best! Coup 1: regular drying, sterilization anti mite to promote health. Duvet use after a period of time, must carry on the outdoor air is basked in, on the one hand, can prevent mites, sterilization can keep are filled with fresh air in, on one hand to keep down the fluffy and soft, and more comfortable. Drying should be paid attention to: we don't direct exposure to the sun, it can cause damage to feather, influence its warm fleeciness effect, after air is good with the hand gently pat a few times; If you need to dry in the sun, can in first duvet cover a layer of thin cotton cloth, even the sun 2 - 3 hours, make a middle, ensure uniform quilt inside and outside all sun! At 10 am to 3 PM is the best drying time oh! Tips 2: sorting or store duvets, don't put clothes or other things, the weight on it, and don't multi-layer fold, as far as possible let the ventilated breathe freely, otherwise, will reduce the heat preservation performance of duvets, nor put together with the sharp objects, so as not to cut down. Coup 3: duvet, collection should be placed in dry ventilated effect is good, in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp is wet, lead to mildew. Add a moderate amount of pest control, but don't seal. A few simple steps, it can let your beloved duvet long bao chang xin!
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