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Manufacturer of quilt teach you silk by cleaning method Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-06
Shijiazhuang recently spun home textiles has received several consulting, child enuresis, silk by how to wash? This is a headache problem, because according to the characteristics of silk, is unfavorable washing and dry cleaning. Why is that? Can't wash mulberry silk is one of the earliest use of human animal fiber. Itself has good hygroscopicity, permeability, soft, good drapability, but wet strength is low, so the silk will shrink after being washed together and lose it this some fluffy and warmth retention property, can't normal use, serious damage to the internal structure of fiber silk, life will have great influence on it. Can dry clean silk nor dry cleaning, because the current is mainly tetrachloroethylene dry cleaner ingredients, and this kind of detergent itself has a certain toxicity, not suitable for washing bed is tasted, but the current chaos reborn dry cleaning industry, it is hard to make sure that you dry cleaning must be dry cleaning; There is a chemical that is easy to cause yellowing of silk, reduce service life. First symptoms, you should cure more. Silk by itself is a protein fiber, won't produce static friction, so also won't produce dust adsorption, and so on and so forth, so silk by is also 'the most clean' quilt. So the key is how to prevent foreign material to silk by the dirt is key, specific include: silk by must use bedding bag, not on the wire tire running, jumping, in order to avoid wire tire deformation, especially to avoid the child on the wire tire wetting the bed. Silk by periodic air is basked in, be sure to prevent silk silk yellowing caused by long-term moisture absorption and affect the service life. Silk by bedding bag should frequently change, avoid dirt, quilt cover silk by surface dirt. Silk when it is received with a clean cloth, and in a relatively dry place, do not use vacuum compressed bag, easy to cause the fiber breakage and influence to keep warm and service life. The second is that one thousand met silk by the dirt, how to do? Shijiazhuang spinning textile co. , LTD. , is to teach you two: 1. If dirty fabric is not very big, can use a wet towel to wipe the dirty parts, then dry the wet parts, after dry, put the dirty part of the original silk are manually on the loose. 2. If you still can't remove, can use neuter washing liquid ( Such as wash fruits and vegetables with detergent) Local wipe the low temperature drying, silk fiber acid alkali, not should avoid to use alkalescent too strong washing powder and soap catharsis, in case of damage to the fiber. Soap will also combine with the calcium and magnesium ions in the water to form scale deposition on the silk fiber, make silk yellow, thick hard. ( Note that the washing temperature below 30 ℃ advisable) If large smudgy, can't use the above solution, there is a kind of method is: put the silk by the tire core set of removed ( To tread yarn cut, open) And then, the core set of cleaning, and then set up, however, need to find a professional processing silk by the shop to deal with.
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