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【 Manufacturers] Home textile manufacturers said basic knowledge sharing - bed fabrics of springtime delights Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-22
1. Fiber type and comparing atmosphere natural fiber and chemical fiber textile fiber. ( Natural fiber and plant fiber, animal fiber and mineral fiber) ( 1) And there came of the cotton fiber and hemp fiber. ( 2) Points in animal fiber wool fiber, wool fiber and silk fibers. ( 3) Mineral fibre is mineral fiber extracted, such as asbestos fiber, widely used in the manufacture of refractory material asbestos network. Natural fiber and chemical fiber, compared with: natural hygroscopicity, permeability is good, soft, luster, good heat resistance in chemical fiber, but strength and wrinkle resistance is poor; Chemical fiber not heat-resisting, hygroscopicity, permeability are poor, but strength and wrinkle resistance, good polyester fabric is not easy to wrinkle. 2. Overview of textile ( 1) Definition: textile is on the principles of yarn by perpendicular two systems, mixed according to certain rules, namely geographic mutual ups and downs, according to certain rules to make woven surface formed certain grain and flower road, this organization is called fabric. ( 2) The concept of count: count: with a pound of yarn as the basic unit, spinning a length of 840 yards, is called a yarn; If spun out of 30 * length of 840 yards, is known as the yarn is 30. And so on, the higher the yarn count, yarn is fine. The advantage of high sand weave number is, comfortable after yarn, weaving, softness is particularly good. ( 3) Fabric density, yarn for weaving, according to the warp and weft yarn in one inch root number to represent the fabric density, different density count yarn woven cloth general organization. Such as pure cotton yarn 40 woven cloth is generally C133 * 72, 60 yarn and woven cloth is usually C173 * 121. The same count yarn woven cloth tissue density can also be different. Such as pure cotton yarn 40 woven cloth can weave C133 * 90, can also be woven C110 * 90. ( 4) Happy home textile fabric types spinning cotton, natural fibers, contact with the skin without any stimulation, no harm to human body, good moisture absorption, breathable, taking performance is good, but easy to wrinkle. Le home textiles terylene blend spinning: not easy to wrinkle, finish good, tear strength is good, but easy pilling, prone to static electricity. Spinning happy home textile viscose fiber ( Viscose) : excellent hygroscopicity, permeability, good drapability, low cost, but the shrinkage, wet processing strength is poor, easy to wrinkle. Spinning home textiles polyester: poor hygroscopicity, permeability is good, poor performance, cottony ball, static electricity is serious, conformal sex is good, high tear strength, abrasion resistance, good gloss, smooth surface. ( 5) The structure of the fabric and the fabric (1) fabric: refers to the textiles on the loom warp and weft each other according to certain rules, ups and downs to make fabric surface formed certain patterns and decorative pattern. (2) of the common fabric of bedding fabrics are: plain weave fabric, twill, satin, jacquard, small jacquard fabric. (3) such bed is tasted on the market at present mainly plain cloth, high-grade bedding is given priority to with twill, satin weave fabric and jacquard fabric, high-grade bedding basically is given priority to with satin fabric and jacquard fabric. 3. Padding knowledge ( 1) Hollow fiber: central fiber full name 'three-dimensional spiral crimp polyester hollow fiber. Literally we can have an intuitive knowledge of hollow fiber, the so-called '3 d' refers to the front and back, up and down, left and right three directions, 'spiral curl' shape like spring spiral curly structure. Because of its the structure determines the type of middle empty. According to the number of holes up on the cross section can be divided into the single-arch and four holes, 7 holes, etc. ( 2) Wool, wool fiber is a kind of natural protein fiber, hollow internal hollow tubes, surface scaly structure. Advantages: (1) moisture absorption, moisture regain of fine wool can reach 15% 17%, maximum moisture absorption ability of wool can reach more than 60% of its weight. (2) the curl: wool crimpness higher and higher, the better the warmth. (3) light wool density. ( 3) Silk: silk is a kind of animal protein fiber, its protein content as high as 97%, including 18 kinds of amino acids required for human body skin. Silk bright white color, soft, smooth and elastic, breathable, moisture absorption platoon is wet, no static quality characteristics. Silk can be divided into mulberry silk and tussah silk, the silkworm is longer than the tussah silk, colour and lustre is better, the color should be white. ( 4) Feather, feather is as light as a feather, delivering not agglomeration, clearing damp heat preservation, and the four characteristics of soft as silk floss. Down after 130 degrees high temperature disinfection, degreasing, wax and other technology processing. Downcontent and volume are two indicators reflect the feather heat preservation performance.
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