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by:TONDA     2020-04-06
Spring is like a child face, day three changes. Many cities in the south seemed to warm, but according to the meteorological experts predict 'pollen' is about to hit. Don't rush to receive warm clothes and quilts, pollen body more often than in the winter frostbite. This season what kind of quilt is best? Spinning home textiles bedding experts tell you, according to authoritative scientific evaluation, if the quilt can do heat preservation and air permeability, so the lighter the better! Select a bed duvets, perhaps is the best weapon against pollen. Duvet is lightsome soft quilt duvet is currently the world's lightest natural warm bedding. HanRongLv duvet test with 50%, with the same scale environment, its light volume 2 is cotton. 2 of 5 times, wool. 2 times. Duvet is quilt spinning of thermal comfort is affected by the older generation, we have always felt that only quilt thick would feel warm, but affect the volume was the real reason for warm quilt. Duvet is the highest volume of all the natural texture, unique spherical structure, make store most of the still air. Because very fluffy duvets filling structure, more still air inside, leading to cut off the cold air outside, makes the best temperature at 32 degrees temperature environment of sleep, winter is appropriate, not only is the spring and autumn is also very suitable. Duvet is hygroscopic put wet quilt cotton was a lot of people love and hate is that it is very warm, but it cannot put wet, cover for a long time to absorb human body perspiration moisture volatilizes not out of breath, easy to harden. And duvet warm can put wet moisture absorption, constant heat preservation. Duvet hygroscopicity relative quilt, wool is low hygroscopicity, but it is in this way, makes the fiber keeps fleeciness and is helpful to keep warm degrees. Duvet generally adopt down-proof fabric, durable performance is good, plus the eiderdown quilt itself inside the fluffy performance is good, so a bed duvets properly use and preservation of good quality, can use 30 years or more. And there are conditions can also be a refurbished duvets, oh.
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