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by:TONDA     2020-05-25
Recently, the Internet has spread a kind of 'aromatic carcinogenic', many consumers will produce misunderstanding, mistaken for all carcinogenic aromatic products will exist hidden trouble. Actually, carcinogenic aromatic substance here refers to the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, namely the molecule contains two or more than two compounds of benzene ring structure. In textile industry, such as carcinogenic aromatic substances known as decomposable aromatic amine dyes, is 'the national textile product basic safety technical specifications' has been officially banned by the 18401, and the blue product independent research and development of science and technology of nanometer fragrant luca fiber, through the standard class A product safety testing, and by the requirement of ecological textile technology carcinogenic dye sensitization to limit and heavy metal detection, 144 international high attention to the eu standards of testing, is that the health of infants and young children can be used direct contact with the skin products. Nano is a kind of fragrant luca fiber using nanometer microcapsule technology - — The moisturizing factor, vitamin, the essence of environmental protection, etc. The raw material with nanometer materials to form the whole package type nano microcapsule particle, through advanced technology, its inner and surface attached to the fiber. Without external force, nano microcapsules will not damage, after repeated experiments show that it can withstand 300 ℃ high temperature and 15 times wash test, which can effectively guarantee the aromatic persistence. And nano microcapsule can make aromatic softer, more sleeping! Nano charming flowers fragrant luca fiber can promote the medial releasing endorphin and enkephalin two kinds of material, can alleviate nervous, let the user to enter a state of deep sleep, faster to have the effect of Ann power of sleep. Nano fragrant luca fiber existing rose, lavender, jasmine, gardenia, clove and violet six. The rose scent - — Good mood, healthy skin rose aroma fragrant, can stable mood, eliminate melancholy or depression, make the mood cheerful, to maintain a positive state of mind, help to improve skin caused by poor emotional dark heavy, mental tension and so on. Nano aromatic luca fiber - — Authoritative test, safe and reliable jasmine scent - — Scent, elegant and pleasant jasmine fragrant, elegant and pleasant, with calm nerves, warm emotions, improve the effect of strain capacity, can help to improve the human mental state, so as to relieve skin ageing, make skin appear healthy young state. Nano aromatic luca fiber - — Authoritative test, safe and reliable lavender scent - — Can improve depression, yangxin nerves the fragrance of lavender refreshing mingmu relieves anxiety, improve depression, also can drive out flies, at the same time of improving sleep, have the effect of yangxin health. Nano aromatic luca fiber - — Authoritative test, safe and reliable violet scent - — Mysterious plain, aromatic violets symbolize mystery, the beauty of joy, miss forever, forever, it is sending out the aroma of the mysterious, elegant, can easily stimulate the olfactory nerve, directly to the brain, which regulates people's state of mind, eliminate fatigue, relieve pressure, make the mood of enron and pleasure. Nano aromatic luca fiber - — Authoritative test, safe and reliable lilac scent - — Regulate mood, unique fragrance of lilac scent luca fiber aromatic raw materials as one of the special properties of 10 kinds of spices, long-term use of human physiological and psychological aspects of a positive role in promoting, can make the person is in morpheus slow due to emotional ease discomfort or chest. Gardenia scent ­ - — Gardenia flowers gentle, clean environment is one of the most gentle fragrance of human nature, to the eternal love and conventions, its fragrance is pure and fresh, diffusion area wide, have stronger ability to resist dust and harmful gas resistance, can improve the home environment, to cover up the original insipid and even the bad smell, to exchange of air space, make the whole home is full of poetic.
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